Dates are a rich source of minerals and vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. They also have many benefits for the brain.

Apart from all the nutrition they provide for your health, they are also one of the best natural sweeteners. You can keep these juicy and mushy fruits handy if you have a sweet tooth or are craving to snack on something. It is effortless to include them in your diet.

1. Manna Black Dates

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Manna black dates have an oval shape with a brown texture on their skin.

They are dried dates packed in a new temperature condition. They are natural and superior quality black dates.


  • Efficient source of iron
  • An excellent source of fiber, vitamins and protein.
  • Washed and dried in clean conditions


  • Soft and firm quality
  • The dates have a hygienic packing
  • Easy to digest
  • 100% vegetarian and natural


  • Provides less value for money

2. Date Crown- Fard

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A 500-gram packet of premium quality hand-picked dates that have flavor in depth. They are rich in protein and calcium and are suitable for use in various baking recipes too.


  • 100% vegetarian product
  • Fresh and hygienic packaging
  • Semi-moist texture


  • Excellent packaging with a ziplock
  • Satisfactory quality of dates
  • Juicy and slushy flavor
  • No artificial sweeteners in taste


  • A little overpriced

3. Happilo Omani Dates

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Omani dates provide vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. They can be used as a substitute for sugar and contribute towards a healthy body.


  • Guaranteed quality packaging
  • They do not contain any preservatives
  • They are dried in hygienic conditions
  • Large and soft dates


  • Natural taste and flavor
  • It helps to boost energy instantly
  • These dates are gluten-free
  • Completely fat-free, which makes them very healthy


  • It has some quality issues

4. Rostaa Gourmet Dates

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The 680-gram packet of dates comes in dried form. They are a hub for various nutrients and are fat-free. These dates can be used to prepare different recipes for baking, smoothies, etc.


  • Contains dietary fiber
  • Vegetarian
  • Rich in potassium


  • No chemicals are added, which makes them completely natural
  • Durable packaging
  • Ready to eat
  • Source of natural sugar


  • It does not taste the same as Omani dates

5. Amazon’s Vedaka Dates

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These are chuara dates that balance between dryness and sweetness. They have an average range of size, which can be considered ideal if you eat them as snacks.


  • Moisture is retained within the packets
  • Provide number of healthy benefits
  • Certified units for packaging


  • Airtight packaging retains the quality
  • They have a delicious taste
  • Best alternative if you want to avoid oily snacks
  • They do not contain any preservatives


  • Softness is not satisfactory and becomes difficult to chew
  1. Barhi– This variety of dates takes some time to ripen. It is soft and rich in syrup. It is one of the slushiest types of date. The size differs from small to medium and turns its color into brown from amber green when it becomes mature.
  2. Dayri– These types of dates are sweet in flavor and a bit heavy. Its ripening time is mostly mid-season. Their size range is from medium to extensive with soft flesh. Their skin color turns from red to brown when ripened and then to black.
  3. Deglet Noor– These dates are famous for their naturally sweet flavour. Deglet noor means “day of the night,” and these dates can be used for cooking also. Their ripening takes time and the colour turns from amber to green.
  4. Halaway– As their name suggests, they are delicious honey flavored dates. They come in small to medium sizes, and their ripening occurs mid-season. Their skin colour is golden brown and are good for eating out of hand.
  5. Thoory– They have a nutty flavor and are suitable for baking purposes. They take time to ripen and have golden brown flesh. They are usually medium to large-sized.
  6. Zahidi– These are medium-sized, semi-dry dates. The color of their skin is golden-yellow and has a glossy finish. They are suitable for eating out of hand, cooking, and baking needs. They do not take a lot of time to ripen.
  7. Medjool– They come in large to very large sizes and are perfect to eat in fresh form. The skin changes to brown from amber when they become mature. Medjool dates are not firm and have a fiber like texture on their skin.
  8. Khadrawy– Their size ranges from medium to large and ripening starts mid-season. They are one of the best dates which are suitable to eat fresh. Their quality may not be consistent if not eaten fresh. The skin color changes from orange-brown to light brown after ripening. They are not extremely sweet and have hard flesh.

Buying Guide for Dates

  1. Look for shiny dates. They must not be too dry.
  2. The fresh-looking dates can have wrinkles, but they should not be too hard. This will not allow you to enjoy the natural delicacy of dates.
  3. Avoid dates that have sugar-coated on their skin. This is known as crystallization, where you can find white spots on the fruit.
  4. Make sure you choose the dates that are too squishy. They might not be the ideal choice.
  5. If you want to use them for baking, dried dates can be a good pick. You can also soak them in boiling water before use to soften them.
  6. For Barhi and Halawais, you can visit a special store or check with your local farmers market.
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