Everyone loves to enjoy fresh food, especially when you are traveling for hours. Thermos flasks help to keep the food warm or cold in an efficient manner. They have numerous advantages and are economical in nature.

Using a thermos flask is an investment you won’t regret because of its eco-friendly properties, you are taking a step to save the environment. You can save a lot of money that you spend on plastic bottles. It also helps to retain the taste of food and improves your experience.

Let’s look at an overview of the products mentioned below

1. InstaCuppa Thermos bottle

InstaCuppa Thermos bottle

With a wide range of colours, this thermos flask has an attractive design. It suits all your needs as you can carry it almost anywhere you want. The Bottle has a capacity of 1000 ml, fits perfectly everywhere and is rust-free. With a sturdy body, this thermos flask makes your life easier.


  • Retains the desired temperature(cold or hot) very well
  • Strong grip, anti-condensation and slip- resistant surface
  • Prevents water from leaking due to vacuum insulation
  • The stainless steel body makes it highly durable


  • Extremely easy to carry around
  • Requires minimum efforts to clean
  • Helps to maintain the real taste of water
  • Completely free from BPA


  • Does not provide value for money

2. Milton Thermos Bottle

Milton Thermos Bottle

Milton has been on of the leading brands because of its supreme quality products. The 500 ml stainless steel thermos flask is suitable for carrying in gyms, cars, offices, schools etc. The body is strongly built with vacuum insulation inside the flask.


  • It has a double wall insulation
  • Provides heat retention
  • Comes with a warranty of one year with conditions applied
  • Muti functional cap can be used as a cup


  • Protection from leaking
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to wash
  • The lid on the top allows easy usage
  • It is durable in nature


  • Quality is not the up to the mark as other Milton products

3. Milton Glassy Thermosflask

Milton Glassy Thermosflask

The 1000 ml bottle has all the essential features required for a good thermos flask. It is absolutely portable and suits all your needs. The design of the bottle looks classy and the purple colour is an add on to it.


  • Retains the temperature of the liquid
  • Transparent cup  is surely a plus
  • Stainless steel coating on the body
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year


  • Prevents water leakage
  • It can be carried around easily
  • It is free from rusting
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance


  • Lack of durability

4. Borosil Thermos Bottle

Borosil Thermos Bottle

Borosil is yet another competitive brand and marks its strong presence. Available in a variety of attractive colours, the 700 ml water bottle is a stylish edition. It maintains  the temperature for a longer time which makes it highly suitable.


  • Copper coating from the inside keeps the heat constant
  • Completely leak proof and easy to pour
  • Provides strong grip due to matte finish
  • Comes with a warranty of one year


  • It is highly durable
  • Free from toxins
  • Provides value for money
  • Extremely easy to carry


  • It has comparatively less capacity

5. Milton Thermosteel bottle

Milton Thermosteel bottle

This 1000 ml capacity silver Milton Thermosteel bottle has a glossy and strong finish. The bottle capacity can hold enough amount of tea, coffee or any beverage.

The temperature remains constant for upto 20-24 hours which makes it very suitable for every long event. It comes with a cover to protect the bottle from damage and is easy to carry around.


  • Stainless steel body keeps the liquid fresh
  • The lid has a special flip feature
  • Vacuum insulation
  • It has a one year warranty


  • The bottle is very convenient to use
  • It can be carried around easily
  • Adequate capacity
  • It is quite durable in nature


  • Provides less value for money as per the quality

6. Borosil’s Hydra Nova

Borosils Hydra Nova

Borosil’s Stainless steel Thermos flask has an adequate capacity of 1000 ml. The steel body makes it look tough and does the job of maintaining temperature too.

The titanium colour of the bottle gives it a sharp and attractive finish. It is perfect for offices, schools, gyms, outdoors, etc.


  • The lock feature on the cap makes it easy to open
  • Keeps the temperature warm for 16 hours and cold fo 18 hours
  • The insulation type is double walled
  • Comes with a warranty of one year


  • Free from leakage
  • The bottle is durable, for sure
  • It can make its space anywhere efficiently
  • Easy to clean


  • The colour starts fading after sometime

Buying Guide for Thermos Flask-

1. Budget

 A huge range of thermos flasks are available ranging from cheap to expensive prices. This is a common perception that a high quality flask may cost you more but there are many good quality affordable flasks accessible. Look for a bottle that is durable in nature and sturdy and belongs to a trusted brand to make a worthy purchase.

2. Capacity

 Capacity of the bottle to hold the liquid is an important element because it will determine the suitability of the flask for long durations. There are variety of capacities available from 300-500 ml to 700-1000ml. You can choose the best ones according to your need.

3. Material

Thermal flasks are manufactured from various materials and some materials are tough than others.Commonly used, a steel or copper bottle is a good option. Plastic bottles can cost you less bucks but are not valuable because they do not retain heat properly and are harmful for your health.

4. Heat retention

 Heat retention is one of the most important feature to consider. The primary requirement of a flask is to keep the food hot or cold for a longer time. On an average, flasks can keep the temperature constantly warm for about 12-15 hours. It is highly suitable when you are travelling and want the food to be warm and fresh. A good quality flask will support this need.