Always suffering due to hair and skin damage due to water can turn off enjoying a pleasant lifestyle. Hard water is the reason behind the problems we accumulate with the usage of water. Hard water consists of hard metals which drain our moisture and leave the skin dry. Dry skin is prone to skin diseases.

A water softener removes ions like chlorine, calcium and magnesium, which are the reason for the hardness of the water. Softeners can be installed for complete home water systems or at a particular place. Water softener helps in increasing the long life of water appliances to keep your body healthy, and its performance in the laundry is excellent. We bought the six best water softeners in India to review. Choose the best by the following buyer’s guide while buying the product.

Best Water Softeners In India For Complete House – for Borewell/Tubewell/Tanker Water

1. D’Cal Hard Water Softener for Complete House

DCal Hard Water Softener for Complete House

There are many consequences with the use of hard water. Hair and skin problems, impurities, fading of clothes etc. For all functions in one softener, you should look for a complete house water supply softener. D’Cal Hard Water Softener is among the best hard water softeners. Easy to install and effective in performance. This softener works by preventing the formation of calcium which is a contributor to hard water. It also prevents corrosion formation in the pipe system.

You don’t even need a plumber to install this softener. Just drop the softener in the overhead tank and see the outcome. No electricity, no other maintenance required.

Key Features

  • It has a capacity of 1500 litres
  • Last up to 10~12 month
  • Works by proprietary technology
  • Product media is tasteless, Neutral PH and Odourless.


  • No maintenance & plumbing required
  • Easy to install
  • Saves electricity, time & water
  • Prevents corrosion formation in pipes
  • Reduces the harmful effect of hard water


  • ┬áReduces only some salts

2. Eco Crystal Water Softener With Hosepipe

Eco Crystal Water Softener With Hosepipe

Another complete house softener is Eco Crystal physical water softeners that come with a hose pipe. It is an environmentally friendly device with patented technology. This softener works by physically softening water. It allows effective usage of detergent, also saving it.

This softener consumes less electricity, and thereby it helps in your power saving. Its performance increases the life and effectiveness of the washing machine.

Key Features

  • Made with Crystal material
  • Work on RO purification method
  • It makes the water physically soft and removes hardness
  • Consume Less Electricity


  • Effective & efficient Pre-filtration
  • Removes dirt & small & large particles
  • Save detergent
  • Increase the adequate performance of the Washing machine
  • Can be used for washing machines, geysers, taps, basins, and many more.


  • A bit difficult in installation

Best Water Softeners In India For Washing Machine

3. Watamate Softo S4, Hard water softener for Washing Machine

Watamate Softo S4 Hard water softener for Washing Machine

There are often complaints about clothes damage, expensive clothes are worn out, in such cases you should look for a washing machine softener. Watamate Softo S4 is among the best softeners which have a large filtration capacity.

It helps in increasing the life of the Washing machine, the freshness of water and also prevents corrosion in the Machine. This softener is the best choice for no dirty water wash.

Key Features

  • It consists of multiple crystalline balls which hold dirt
  • Ultra Sieve Micro Filtration
  • Larger Filtration capacity
  • Suitable for Automatic & semi-automatic machine
  • Enable seamless water flow


  • It prevents spoilage of clothes
  • Easy to fit
  • Its multi-layer sieve yields soft clear water for the machine
  • No corrosion formation in Machine
  • Keep clothes fresh


  • Need to buy machine & water source connecting tubes separately

Best Water Softeners In India For Shower Head

4. WaterScience CLEO Stainless Shower Head filter

WaterScience CLEO Stainless Shower Head filter

Are you done with the hard chlorinated water washing of your head & skin? WaterScience is among the best shower head softeners. Its functional property removes heavy metals and chlorine and kills bacteria, making the water soft and clean.

 Not only on showers, but it also works effectively on heaters and geysers too. You can save 70 % of water in mist mode. It has four different flow modes, massage, pulse, mist and waterfall. You can easily install it with no need for a plumber.

Key Feature

  •  Four-layer filtering system with Nanosilver carbon
  • Filters Hard water to soft and pure water
  • Four flow options
  • 70% water saving


  • Five years of warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee full refund if not happy with the product
  • 3 min self-installation. NO plumber service required
  • Can save 70% of the water on mist mode
  • Kill bacteria and microorganisms, remove heavy metals & chlorine


  • Bit expensive

5. ALTON Chrome Finish Hard Water Shower Filter

ALTON Chrome Finish Hard Water Shower Filter

ALTON shower hard water softener is chrome finish, made with material brass, ABS and metal. This is among the best shower filter options. It comes with health benefits as it controls the growth of scales that connect to dry, itchy skin, pimples, eczema and acne. You’ll see the result in water, skin and hair within a few weeks after installation.

It serves a high purpose in excellent healthy appearance by removing chlorine and showering oxygen water flow.

Key Features

  • High pressure
  • Five spray option
  • Powerful filtration capacity
  • 80% water saver on mist mode
  • Wall-mounted installation


  • Prevent corrosion
  • Remove unpleasant odour
  • Improve the condition of hair, skin and nails
  • Remove chlorine make water soft
  • Five spray settings to right mood and save 80% water on mist mood.


  • Filtration quality needs to improve.

Salt Tablets for Water Softeners

6. Softener Pro Salt Tablets For Water Softener

Softener Pro Salt Tablets For Water Softener

Pro salt tablets are used for regeneration and effective performance of Water Softener. They are used in water softeners machines which drastically increase the performance of water.

They are ideally used in all domestic and commercial softeners. These salt tablets give you the best performance of water softeners.

Key Features

  • High purity salt 99. 50 %
  • Smooth round salt tablets
  • Eco friendly
  • Recyclable packaging


  • It can use for domestic & commercial water softeners
  • Effective in the resin regeneration process
  • NaCl purity > 99.50%
  • Made from high purity salt
  • Increase the performance of water softeners


  • Bit expensive

Buying Guide for Best water softeners in India

It’s essential to look after some convenient and best options while buying any product.


There are two options for installing a water softener. You can either install it for a complete house system or install it at a particular place, like for geysers, showers, etc. Depending on your needs, you should prefer the best choice.

Size of Softener

The size of the Softener should be based on the water’s average consumption. Also, it’s important to consider bathroom or particular place size and other routine convenience.


The capacity of the cartridge is an essential factor to be considered while buying a water softener. The amount of impurity and long-lasting time of the cartridge is determined only by capacity. Depending on the family size, you can buy with the choice. But buying the one with a larger capacity helps it last longer without replacing it again and again.

Basis of water softeners types

There are three types of water softeners: ion exchange water softener, salt-free water softener and magnetic & electric water softener. Depending on your budget, preference, and performance of softener basic & its recommendations, you should buy the best one.

Water softeners features

Multiple features like replacement indication, programming levels and other features of water softeners should be considered while buying a softener. To make the best use of it, you should always go for different qualities.