Good sleep is essential for a baby’s overall development. You surely want your baby to sleep in a peaceful and healthy environment. While you get tired of holding your baby in your arms for a longer time, a baby cradle can do the job for you.

They provide a comfy spot to the baby and protect them from major risks like suffocation. Making a decision to buy a good quality cradle can be tricky.

Let’s have a look at some products below to understand the required features-

1. R for Rabbit automatic swing

R for Rabbit automatic swing

This automatic swing has all the features to suit your baby’s comfort. The maximum weight capacity of the swing is 15 kgs. It lets your baby sleep in a calm environment with a lot of remote control options.


  • Soothing nature sounds for deep sleep
  • The swing is battery operated with remote control
  • It has a three point safety harness
  • Automatic and manual swing option


  • It comes with a mosquito net for extra protection
  • An additional cushion provides more comfort
  • Swing can be locked, if not in use
  • A timer to control balanced swing


  • Height of the cradle is too low

2. Flipzon Baby Swing

Flipzon Baby Swing

A foldable cradle with competent design to let your baby sleep comfortably. The cradle comes in pink colour and can be used as a swing too for suiting the needs of your newborn.


  • The frame of the cradle is strong
  • Comes with a mosquito net
  • Cotton used is of superior quality
  • It can handle upto 5 kgs


  • No tools required for assembly
  • Cozy and comfortable design for good sleep
  • The material provides freedom to breathe properly
  • It has enough space


  • It has some balancing issues

3. Haristar Baby Cradles

Haristar Baby Cradles

The baby cradle is suitable to use indoors and outdoors. Due to its dual benefit as a stroller and swing, you can easily take the baby out for a walk anywhere and let them sleep too.


  • It can carry around 15 kgs
  • It can be used as a stroller and swing
  • Four wheels attached to make it easy to drag
  • It has a hanging bassinet for comfortable sleep


  • The quality of cotton is sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a mosquito net
  • Strong support for small babies


  • Provides less value for money

4. Luvlap Wooden Cot

Luvlap Wooden Cot

The product is made from superior quality certified wood. It provides a strong  surface with a comfortable mattress for your baby.  It provides a calm environment for the baby to relax and sleep.


  • The cot has a fabric wrapped
  • It can handle upto 15 kgs
  • The cot can be converted into cradle
  • Can be easily attached to the parent’s bed


  • The product has been quality-checked multiple times
  • The cot fabric gives freedom to breath
  • Comes with a net to protect from mosquitoes
  • When not in use, the swing can be locked


  • Requires a lot of efforts to assemble

5. Goyal’s baby cradle

Goyals baby cradle

This product by Goyal is an amazing multi-functional cradle. It serves many purposes together like- rocker, swing, bouncer, feeder, can be used as a car seat and much more. It is appropriate for babies till the age of 1 year.


  • It has a holder for bottle and can be used to feed the baby
  • Cosy mattress for the baby to sleep
  • Can be used as a swing and rocker
  • The handles can be moved with the locks


  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with mosquito protection net
  • It can serve the purpose of a bather
  • Strings are provided to use it as a swing


  • Music quality is too harsh

6. Baybee electric cradle

Baybee electric cradle

Baybee’s automatic baby cradle has distinct advanced features. It has a unique design to suit the comfort of your baby. You can carry your baby in the cradle anywhere. The automatic functions ensure sound sleep with a soothing environment.


  • The speakers are bluetooth enabled
  • Every function like- swing speed, sounds etc are digitally controlled
  • It has 5 modes of swinging
  • Highly portable


  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Calming sounds from good quality speakers for comfy sleep
  • Light in weight
  • Provides protection for mosquito bites


  • The product is a bit expensive

7. Infantso baby cradle

Infantso baby cradle

This cradle also acts as a rocker and bouncer. It comes in blue colour with an effective structure. The cradle is light in weight, making it easy to carry around.


  • Comfortable sitting for the baby
  • Comes with a Foldable stand
  • Does not require much effort with assembling
  • It has light vibration sounds


  • It is a durable product
  • Provides ease in carrying the baby around
  • Adjustable height
  • Attractive musical toys for the baby to play


  • No return policy on the product

Buying Guide for Baby Cradles

1. Ventilation

Your baby should be able to breathe properly, irrespective of the place it is sleeping. The mattress should be made of good material which lets the circulation of air happen properly. The sides of the crib should also have some space for airflow.

2. Type of Mattress

Mattresses provide a soft surface to the baby for sleeping. It is essential to choose a mattress that fits the cradle well. The mattress should be of the same size as the cradle. Ensure to leave no space between the cradle and mattress.

3. Quality of material

Ensure to choose a cradle that does not tilt or trips easily. Check the wheels of the cradle thoroughly and look for a safety lock (if it works as a swing too) for extra protection. Go for a cradle that comes with mosquito net to reduce disturbances. Also, make sure to check the height and size of the cradle that is suitable for your baby.

4. Automatic options

There is a huge variety of advanced features available for baby cradles. Many cradles have an automatic swing system with timers too. You can set the timer and let your baby sleep comfortably even when you are not around.