Are you all gearing up for the soon-approaching winter? To prepare for the spine-chilling winter, you need certain things to make the winters survivable and enjoyable. Though your winter essentials list is long and huge, the most important thing that could alter your winter experience is the blankets. One can be tired and fall asleep in the scorching heat but not in the skin-prickling cold.

Investing in a good blanket will alter not just your bedding appearance but will be a great sleeping aid as well. If you don’t have an adequate amount of quality sleep, it could significantly affect your productivity the next day. The quality of your bed linen products like blankets, pillows, mattresses, and other bed accessories help in making your night sleep complete and comfortable.

Best Blankets for Heavy Winters in India

Below listed are some of the best blankets for heavy winters:

1. Solimo Microfibre Comforter Blanket

Best Blankets for Heavy Winters

These excellent and luxurious comforter blankets are perfect, as they are designed to provide you with both warmth and to add vibrance to your bedroom aesthetics. These comforter blankets are available in various colors, sizes, and designs.

This reversible comforter comes in contrasting dual colors, which aid in making this product stand out. This blanket comes with a filling of 200 GSM, which helps in keeping you warm and cozy throughout the night.


  • The 100% microfiber materials allude to richness and luxury
  • It is filled with a hypoallergenic filling that helps in protecting against allergens
  • The entire blanket is machine stitched, which helps in keeping the filling in its place.
  • Comes in various designs and sizes.


  • The stitching may come loose sometimes.

2. Cloth Fusion Celerrio Mink Bed Blanket

Best Blankets for Heavy Winters

Mink Blankets are usually known for the soft, unique, and plush texture of their material. They ideally aid in keeping the temperature warm and cozy during the cold winters. These mink blankets have an exceptional softness and come in lightweight. This brand offers these blankets in three vibrant colors that add a vibrant and luscious vibe to your bedroom.


  • This blanket can be used in AC and winter
  • The fine finishing and trimming of the edges ensure that the stitching lasts for a long time.
  • Ultra-soft, cozy and breathable material
  • Suitable and endurable in machine wash


  • It may not be suitable for extremely cold weather conditions.

3. Amazon Basic Reversible Blanket:

Best Blankets for Heavy Winters

A classic and straightforward styled blanket that can be used to cozy up any place in your house. This blanket comes in fleece material that is perfectly-known for its softness and warmth. The material can also be considered lightweight wool.


  • Comes in multiple colours with reversible contrasting colours.
  • The borders are tightly stitched with blanket stitch
  • It is durable and can be cleaned in the washing machine


  • This product may shed fur and fiber.

4. Comfort Wool 250 TC Electric Blanket:

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This product could radiate heat from beneath you as you enjoy your deep and restful sleep without being bothered by the prickly winder cold.

The heat emitted from the blanket could be a relaxing therapy and help relieve the tension built up in your back and leg muscles. This blanket can be used for a maximum of one hour, and the heat could last as long as twenty hours.


  • Best for extreme and heavy winters.
  • No need to wash or laundry
  • Adjustable intensity and speed controls
  • Induces therapeutic sleep


  • It can only be used in extremely cold conditions

5. AmazonBasics Micromink Polyester Sherpa Blanket:

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This product is your go-to blanket for winters as it is a reversible blanket made up of ultra-soft micro mink polyester and faux sherpa fleece on each side. This contrast of material could comfort you and give you the best night’s sleep and perfect coziness. It is ideal for both bedspreads and throws.


  • It is made up of material that staves off any lint and pet hair.
  • The double-layer keeps you warm without feeling bulky.


  • The stitches may come undone, affecting the durability of this product’s quality

6. Divine Casa Microfibre Reversible Blanket:

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This product is available in 35 different colors and patterns, leaving you with a wide array of items to choose from. This quilted blanket can be used all around the year. The patterned machine stitch on this product helps keep the filling in place and prevents it from falling out or lumping in areas.


  • The microfibers are used to give this blanket a rich and luxurious feel.
  • Reversible prints of it provide a fresh look.


  • The size of this product may vary slightly.

Buying Guide:

Here is the buying guide that could give you all the insights you need for selecting the best blanket for this winter.


A lot of factors are to be considered as you choose a blanket. Don’t base your decision just on the color of the blanket, but decide based on the thickness you prefer. The heavier and harsher the winter is, you would need a thicker blanket.


Your blanket should be slightly larger than that of your mattress so that the edges can be tucked inside. Check for the dimensions of the blanket before you make a purchase.


Blankets also come in different materials like Cotton (usually used in summers), Wool blankets and Microfibre blankets that come in varying GSM (used in cold winters), Velum (also referred to as hotel blankets), Fleece (Ideal for children as it retains moisture), and Electric blankets. Some other lesser-known blankets also come in materials such as Woven acrylic, Down, Cashmere, Knitted Polyester, and, Mink. Some of these materials may cause allergies, so make a choice based on your skin sensitivity.

Type of weave:

Blankets can also be further classified based on the weaves. Thermal weaves are loose and lightweight; Knitted blankets are usually heavy and warm; Quilted blankets are light weighted and highly breathable; conventional weave blankets that provide excellent insulation are tightly and closely woven.

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