A perfect homemade whipped cream goes well with topping for cakes, pies, chocolate pastries, and every thick drink. Ready-made whipped creams are added with preservatives and different ingredients that may cause an allergy to some people. Making homemade whipped cream can be adventurous if you don’t have a well-performing electric beater.

Everyone loves baking, and if toppings go wrong, we aren’t satisfied with what we bake. Here we have the five best electric beaters for whipping cream. Go with the choice that perfectly matches your requirements and adds charm to your kitchen.

1. Philips 300 watt Hand Mixer HR3705

Philips 300 watt Hand Mixer HR3705

Electric beater for whipping cream from Phillips, a famous brand in the Indian market, offers the best features of its performance. This beater whips large amounts of cream, takes the air for making the cream fluffy, airy and adds a smooth texture to the batter.

It has five-speed controls, with which you can whip at different speeds depending on your convenience. Its smooth surface enables easy clean and comfortable to hold. You can do perfect toppings with the cream whipped with Philips electric beater.

Key Features

  • 300 watts power consumption
  • Five speeds plus turbo boost
  • It consists of two pairs to strip beater + dough hooks
  • Large Ejection button to detach beaters


  • Two years warranty
  • Lightweight and aesthetically designed
  • Enables comfortable and easy mixing.
  • Detachable hooks & Beaters
  • Smooth surface & dishwasher safe accessories


  • Expensive

2. JM SELLER 260 W Electric Beater with free spatula & Oil Brush

JM SELLER 260 W Electric Beater with free spatula Oil Brush

Latest design with different speed control and eject function enabled through one press button. With this electric heater, you can whip the cream from a slow speed to a high quickly and efficiently. This is ideal for mixing and blending egg, dough, and butter.

It is light weighted, and you can handle it easily. It has seven-speed controls. You can even whip potatoes, icing, baby food, meat stir up, and many more things. It has two stainless steel hooks that ensure kneading & mixing of varieties of food.

Key Features

  • Two stainless steel hooks for mixing & kneading
  • 180 Watt power consumption
  • Premium stainless steel finish
  • Seven-speed & Turbo features for multiple applications.
  • Overload protector


  • It is built with premium plastic and stainless steel.
  • Lightweight and easy to use, and clean
  • Seven-speed controls for different usage
  • It with smooth function and different speed control, you do perfect toppings.
  • Free spatula and oil brush


  • No information on the warranty is available.

3. IBELL Castor CTHM410L 200W electric beater

IBELL Castor CTHM410L 200W electric beater

The IBELL Castor electric beater with 200W is with five-speed controls, two beaters, and two hooks. This beater will make your baking experience effective while saving time compared to hand whipping. It gives the result of cream with a fluffy, airy, and smooth texture.

This electric beater is convenient in usage and enables five different speeds just for you to select the speed of the beater depending on the ingredient and the texture you prefer.

It is ideal for day-to-day atta, cream and batter blending.

Key Features

  • 200W power consumption
  • Five-speed control
  • The product consists of Two detachable Stainless Steel beaters and two hooks.
  • Body finish: plastic


  • Six-month warranty plus extra six months warranty on registration
  • Performs every kneading, blending, whisking task easily
  • Different speed levels to blend & mix effectively
  • Enable quick & easy Mixing of chunky ingredients, creams, chocolates, nuts and many more ingredients
  • Lightweight


  • Warranty is limited

4. iBELL IBLWHITES03NEW Whites Electric Hand Mixer

iBELL IBLWHITES03NEW Whites Electric Hand

This is another amazing electric beater on our list from the brand iBELL. It consumes less electricity, compact in size, is lightweight, and is effective in multiple applications.

You can whip the creams to their perfect texture and smoothness. Whipping with preferred speed control among the seven levels makes the cream fluffy and airy. You can do any task of baking, blending, whisking, and folding easily in a simple handling.

Key Features

  • 120 watts power consumption
  • Seven-speed control levels
  • The product consists of two stainless steel beaters & dough hooks
  • Compact & lightweight


  • Six-month warranty + additional six-month warranty on registration
  • Lightweight and compact in size.
  • easy to use and operate
  • Seven-speed control levels enable perfect blending of creams
  • Multipurpose use and consume less electricity


  • No brush and spatula with product

5. IBELL HB500J 500W 3 in 1 Hand Mixer/Blender + Masher + Multipurpose Chopper

IBELL HB500J 500W 3 in 1 Hand Mixer Blender Masher Multipurpose Chopper

Your kitchen gets filled when you intend to buy this electric beater. This electric beater has a one-year warranty. The incredible thing is you’ll get a masher and multipurpose Chopper with it. This beater with variable speed blends the cream, perfect for toppings and decorations.

You can chop vegetables or meat with a chopper, Whisk cake mix or egg and blend smoothies or lassi. Everything with one appliance that is easy to use and convenient to handle.

Key Features

  • 500W power consumption
  • Premium 3 in 1 product (Hand Mixer + potato masher + multipurpose chopper)
  • Detachable accessories for easy application & cleaning process
  • Stainless Steel blades


  • One year warranty and additional one warranty on registration
  • Variable speed controls for fast performance
  • It consists chopper & potato masher and a 600ml container. You can ripe the Multiple benefits with one buy.
  • Powerful and high quality


  • Quite heavy motor & expensive

Buying Guide for Best electric beaters for whipping cream in India

Buying any electronic appliances is a one-time investment. So ensure to buy the best brand with smart features and warranty.


Electric beaters for whipping cream consume power in a range of 150W – 500W. The higher power beaters wind up the whipping process quickly. But not all more power-consuming beaters are worth buying unless manufactured from a reputed brand with beneficial features.


Lightweight electric beaters conveniently perform whipping and blending of creams. Heavyweight beaters are so hard to hold while whipping.

Variable speed levels

An electric beater with a different speed level is versatile for Multipurpose applications. You can whip, mix, or blend from nuts, atta to smooth creams without any hassles by adjusting speeds.


Electronic appliances come with a warranty. If you experience any manufacturing defects, you can replace them. Warranty is a holder of products worth buying.