Mother’s milk is fantastic. It’s the best start in life your baby can have. All mothers must get the support that they need to feed their babies their amazing mother’s milk for as long as possible. Mother’s breast milk contains everything pure that your baby needs to grow and develop. It contains the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, iron, minerals, fats, lactose, water, and enzymes.

If you’re looking for an electric breast pump, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Review India Online, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to buy whatever pump you need. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the pump you need, and possibly the one you’ll actually like. While there are several different types of electric pumps out there, they’re all really pretty simple to use. You just need to follow the instructions carefully, and that’s it!

1. Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump SCF395/11

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Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is the pump that adapts to mom. A new natural motion technology uses a combination of nipple stimulation, and suction for more comfort and quicker milk let down.


  • New natural motion technology uses nipple stimulation, and suction for more comfort and quicker milk let down.
  • Has 16 pumping settings and memory function of preferred setting
  • 99.98% Nipple adaptability every mom can feel comfortable with collapsing movement of the pump and soft, adaptive cushion
  • This allows for effective milk expression by initiating milk ejection in as little as 51 seconds.
  • 8 Stimulation levels of personalized experiences.


  • Natural motion technology
  • Adapts every nipple size
  • Designed to pump upright
  • Sit comfortably and use
  • Easy to use
  • Good suction power
  • Pause anytime


  • Too costly

2. BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump with Dual Mode

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Every mom wants or can raise their babies in a better way. Moms enjoy every moment with their babies while feeding them with the help of BabyGo Automatic Electric Double Breast Pump.


  • The electric breast pump is made of pp material,100% without BPA.
  • The breast pump parts are made from edible food-grade silicone ensuring utmost safety for baby and mom.
  • The design also avoids the contamination caused by milk reflux
  • This has dual-mode systems like stimulating and express mode
  • Breast pump with feeding bottle makes is multi-purpose.
  • Unlike other pumps, you do not have to lean forward during milk expression; thus pump makes it a convenient experience.


  • Safe
  • Hygienic
  • Anti-back flow
  • Dual-mode
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good suction power


  • Machinery power is pathetic

3. Luvlap Adore Electric Breast Pump

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Luvlap Adore Electric Breast Pump is suitable for the gentle and effective expression of breast milk. LuvLap adores electric breast pump is designed to mimic a baby’s natural breastfeeding rhythm, making expression a pleasant experience for the mother.


  • Each mode has 9 intensity levels, and the intelligent memory function remembers the last used setting.
  • The LuvLap breast pumps have been extensively tried, tested, and approved by Indian moms.
  • The soft silicone massage cushion and 2 pumping stages of stimulation & expression help give a natural-like experience.
  • This has an in-built rechargeable battery once charged, can be used for up to 2 hours
  • Well featured, zero chances of milk flowing into the motor tube and causing contamination.


  • Has double phases
  • BPA free plastic
  • 9 levels of adjustment
  • Two free breast pads
  • Soft silicone cushion
  • Anti backflow valve
  • Supports USB charging


  • Low-quality breast pump.

4. Vandelay Rechargeable/Portable Electric Breast Pump

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Vandelay Rechargeable/Portable Electric Breast Pump is perfect for mothers who travel, work full-time or part-time. This supports a rechargeable battery that works for 1.5 to 2 Hrs.


  • This electronic breast pump uses medical-grade silicone material
  • This is CE certified from an EU Certified body – TUV, making it reliable
  • This single breast pump is designed to achieve high sufficient suckling to allow for maximum milk in the least time.
  • The device is small and convenient, making it easy to carry around.
  • Very important for new moms and helps in saving time.
  • 300mmHg max suction power


  • Reliable and safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • 9 levels of adjustment
  • 5 Lactogogue
  • Portable product


  • Expensive

5. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

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The Medela Freestyle breast pump is efficient because it uses 2-phase expression pumping technology, mimicking the baby’s natural sucking rhythm. Short, stimulating patterns are followed by longer ones, ensuring an optimal flow of milk.


  • Designed for moms who pump several times a day
  • It fits in the palm of your hand easily
  • This allows for mobility while pumping
  • It helps to maintain and increase milk production and saves time
  • It offers maximum mobility and freedom of movement, as it is lightweight
  • Featured with backlit information display


  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Double pumping
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to use
  • Auto switch-off pump


  • Too expensive compared to the quality

6. Diya Double/Single Electric Breast Pump

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With the help of this Diya Double/Single Electric Breast Pump, you can do other activities while pumping by just hanging the pump in the bra. The pumping bra can also be used as a daily Bra.


  • Both breasts can be emptied in 10 minutes.
  • It is a double pump, but single side pumping is also possible, as replace the double tube with a single tube that comes with the pump kit.
  • Can pump from one side while you can breastfeed from another side
  • The product comes along with an AC adapter and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The feature makes pumping hands-free and less tiring.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fast and efficient pumping
  • Removable battery
  • Two in one pump
  • Portable breast pump
  • Comfortable
  • Dual power source


  • Expensive breast pump

Advantages of Electric Breast Pumps

All mothers need to give their babies the most trustworthy and pure regular breast milk. The pathetic thing is that most mothers have an issue breastfeeding ranging from inappropriate latching by the baby. So, for those mothers, the electric breast pump works so well and is comfortable.

Electric breast pumps are so extraordinary that they help you express breast milk efficiently and effectively. This preserves the proteins, vitamins, fats, etc. too that are so pure in breast milk. With the help of an electric breast pump, it takes very little time to suck all the milk out.

Pros and cons of Electric Breast Pump


  • A fast method of collecting the breast milk
  • It takes very little time
  • Good suction power
  • Very easy to use, clean it, and reuse it.
  • Electric breast pumps are so comfortable
  • These are very lightweight, so easily carried out.


  • Too expensive
  • Double breast pumps are more costly.
  • Electric breast pumps make noise.
  • All electric pumps are not lightweight at all.

Buying Guide – Best Electric Breast Pump in India

  • Look for a good quality electric breast pump.
  • Check for the best brand and reasonable price range.
  • Buy an electric breast pump with the best suction power
  • Look for rechargeable and removable battery system in it.
  • The milk collection cups must be centered over the nipples
  • Check for the best size of the pump so that the electric breast pump does not hurt you anyhow.
  • Buy one easy to hold with grip, easy to clean, and easy to use and reuse.

How to Use Electric Breast Pump

Before using the electric breast pump:

  1. Clean your hands and the pump well.
  2. As per manual instructions given, assemble all the electric breast pump parts.
  3. Place the milk collecting cups with the whole assembled pump centered over the nipple.
  4. Please place it easily and perfectly placed so that it does not hurt you anyhow. It has torn the electric breast pump on. In very little time, it will suck and collect all the breast milk out. You can, in between, easily adjust the suction speed at the sucking motions of a baby.
  5. Pumping should never be painful. If you feel like or think like all the milk has got sucked out or collected, you can now slowly remove it. Remove the cups slowly, and clean the collecting cups with lukewarm water. Clean well so that you can reuse it safely.
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