Are you looking for the best food processors in India? Want to prepare a meal faster? Food processors are a core accessory of every kitchen as grinding, mixing, blending are essential parts of any cuisine. You no longer have to grind, chop, and dice with your hands.

A food processor is an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Now you can grate, chop, mince, and do more just in one go only. It is effortless to use and an easy appliance to clean.

The parts of a food processor are the bowls, the feed tube through which the ingredients are added for processing; usually, it also serves as a chute and a pusher.

Food processors come with a built-in locking mechanism to ensure consumer safety. Without proper locking, the food processor will not start.

1. PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder

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The Philips mixer grinder can be used to grind and mix all kinds of food ingredients. It is powered by a specifically designed motor that provides outstanding performance. A robust bowl-type stainless steel grinding jar and a 2-speed control make it easy to grind. An extra-large bowl is perfect for larger quantities of ingredients.

This mixer grinder has a 2.4l food processor bowl bigger, a 1l wet and dry grinding jar, and a 1.5l blending juicer jar. This product has safety features. It is long-lasting and makes less noise. This product comes with a perfectly compact design that takes minimum space for storage. This easily chops and result in both soft and hard ingredients.


  • Burning smell during the first few usages is expected due to varnish coating on motor and will stop after a few usage cycles.
  • Small jar supports grinding chutneys & dips.
  • This is a versatile all-purpose mixer grinder
  • This product does not require installation
  • Leakproof jars and spill-free grinding experience


  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble accessories.
  • superior chopping
  • perfect for making purées
  • Mix cake batters well
  • Powerful 750W Motor


  • The Motor may make some noise.

2. Usha FP 3810 Food Processor 1000-Watt Copper Motor

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The Usha FP 3810 food processor is here to make cooking and chopping quick and easy. The pulse feature in the lid allows one to perform a variety of tasks. As many as 12 kitchen processes are taken care of with this one appliance alone.

The powerful 1000-Watt Motor will perform the job of several small appliances. The serrated blades chops, shreds and minces as needed. This food processor has inbuilt safety features.


  • This has a 2.4l food processor bowl bigger.
  • This mixer grinder comes with 5 functions like blender, juicer, grinder, chopper, and kneader.
  • The capacity of blender jar -1.5 L, the capacity of multipurpose jar -1.0 L, and capacity of chutney jar -0.5 L
  • Featured 3 speed control setting+pulse
  • Frequency 50 Hz, voltage 230V, and 1000 W for powerful performance
  • Premium black SS finish blade material


  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • High torque gives high speed
  • 100% copper motor
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Noisy
  • Expensive

3. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor

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The Bajaj food processor is designed to handle all your food processing needs. The 42cm capacity bowl and the powerful Motor make it ideal for all kinds of food prep. It comes with 300 watts of power, ensuring perfect results. The clear glass lid gives you easy viewing, while the lock mechanism ensures safety. A heavy-duty base ensures durability and stability in the kitchen.

It has a twist and lock mechanism of the processing bowl that must be applied properly to start the food processor. It comes with a 1.5-litre unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar with a stainless steel blade.


  • Its in-built locking mechanism ensures consumer safety.
  • Sturdy and powerful 600 watts
  • 18000 RPM motor
  • 3 speed control & pulse function
  • Several functions in one like processing, grinding, liquidizing, juicing, and atta kneading.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl with lid
  • 0.3-litre stainless steel chutney jar, 1.0-litre stainless steel grinding jar with a multi-function stainless steel blade


  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • 5 years warranty on Motor
  • Motor Overload Protector
  • Interlocking function
  • The classy design of the product
  • Durable body


  • Low quality material used

4. Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep-800W

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Inalsa’s Easy Prep food processor is an ideal appliance for those looking for a versatile kitchen appliance that they can use in the kitchen and at home. You no longer have to grind, chop, and dice with your hands. This food processor has a 1.4 L capacity and 800-Watt powerful Motor, which are perfect for making a variety of tasks easy.

This Food Processor is quiet and provides a peaceful cooking experience. Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run the unit for the first time. It may happen due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time.


  • You can easily clean up after use
  • You can process large volumes of food in one go
  • Provides peaceful cooking experience appliance is suitable for chopping, shredding, slicing, and emulsifying foods
  • Equipped with overload protector and child lock safety function
  • It can beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough and grind meat.
  • A pulse function for an extra boost of power when you need it
  • Two different speed settings to control your chopping, shredding, and grating


  • Amazing space and time saver
  • Cooks like a master chef
  • Savour the flavour
  • Easy maintenance
  • Silent performer
  • Precise slicing and dicing
  • 2 speed setting with pulse function


  • Too much noise while using it

5. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor

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Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor supports quadra flow technology, which acts as a flow breaker that ensures the ingredients are grounded or blended as perfectly as you want them to be.

This food processor has an intelligent design which means that it acts as a flow breaker that ensures the ingredients are grounded or blended as perfectly as you want them to be. This gives you more control and the ability to create a variety of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. It is easy to use and requires just three simple steps: prepare the ingredients, fill the hopper with the ingredients and turn on. Just select the function you want and it will do all the work for you.


  • 3.2 L food processing bowl with operating volume of 2 L
  • 2.3 L liquidizing jar with operating volume of 1.5 L
  • 1.0 L grinding jar with operating volume of 0.7 L
  • 0.5 L chutney jar with operating volume of 0.3 L
  • This works on 1000 watts of power.
  • Different types of blades allow you to perform multiple functions.
  •  It enables you to perform the toughest of the jobs effortlessly.
  • It avoids accidents by ensuring the food processor doesn’t start up on its own.
  • Supports multi-speed enables to suffice needs at various times


  • 3-Speed Control
  • Easy to use
  • Quadra flow technology
  • Easy to clean
  •  2 years warranty on the product
  • Stainless steel blade material
  • One Appliance – 16 functions
  • Superior processing of ingredients


  • Too costly

6. Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800-Watt Food Processor

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The Bosch 800W Food Processor is ideal for healthy cooking and preparing food with ease. This appliance will make cooking easier for you with more than 50 functions: grating, cutting, chopping, grinding, and dough making. The special 2-speed Motor gives you the perfect result every time.

This Food Processor will help you transform your recipes into masterpieces in no time at all. The powerful Motor and unique design not only makes the rest of the family jealous, but offers exceptional results every time you use it. The accessories are easy and convenient to clean in the dishwasher.


  • 2 speed settings
  • Moment function
  • Polycarbonate 1-litre blender
  • Cable storage compartment
  • Multi-level 6 knife
  • 3 double blades of plastic material
  • Powerful 800 Watt motor


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart storage
  • Long-lasting product
  • Highly multifunctional
  • Suitable for ice crushing for cold drinks


  • Expensive

7. Wonderchef Nutri Blend Complete Kitchen Machine

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Wonderchef Nutri Blend Complete Kitchen Machine is an excellent solution for preparing meals for your family; it’s easy to use, simple to clean and ingenious in design. Wonderchef calls it the ‘Kitchen Machine’ as it has been a trusted partner in the kitchen since 2008 and is a kitchen appliance that makes cooking time quick and hassle-free.

It has its super-sharp stainless steel blades, which have been engineered to precision for that incredible performance.


  • 400W superfast motor blends and grinds in seconds
  • Long Jar-500ml, Short Jar- 300ml
  • Anti-rust Stainless steel grinding and blending blades.
  • Steady and safe to use with non-skid rubber footing
  • All parts are detachable and easy to clean


  • Available in attractive colour options.
  • Nutri-blender and best grinder
  • Unbreakable jars
  • Great looks
  • Less noisy Motor


  • The 400-watt motor is ideal for a small family

How to choose a suitable Food Processor?

  • Food processors are intended to deal with solid foods. Your everyday blender turns out better for fluids.
  • The most well-known material for a food processor bowl is polycarbonate plastic.
  • A food processor is very easy to clean and can be tossed in the dishwasher.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the food processors that you will be buying. A wide, and heavy base means a steady machine. One that won’t hop around as you are processing the food.
  • Look at the blades that accompany your food processor. Blades with small serrations stay sharper longer than straight blades.
  • Some food processors are noisy. Some food processors are almost smooth. Processing food is more pleasant when you are not exposed to a grating noise while doing it.
  • The size of the food processors and the size of its jars and bowls are also important to check before you buy one. Money is not a big deal when you get proper and quality products in exchange. Try to purchase a processor that holds 11 to 14 cups.
  • If possible pick up a more affordable model that holds about 7 cups
  • Search for a food processor with a wide feeder tube because narrow feeder tubes lead to frustration.
  • The motor power and the Motor also do matter in buying a food processor. Search wisely and buy a food processor that has a strong state motor. Which cuts and chops hard nuts, difficult parsnips, and all manner of challenging foods with ease.
  • Check beforehand, that the food processor you will be buying is easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to maintain or not.
  • Product warranty is also important. Check that also before buying one. Check the motor warranty also.

What’s the difference between a food processor and a blender?

Blenders are better for fluids, whereas food processors are more suitable for strong foods.

This is because the blades on a blender are not as sharp as they are on a food processor, chopping finely and incorporating while retaining some surface.

Attempt to avoid making soup in a food processor, as the dishes have a shallow maximum fluid capacity. It can assist with thinking about what surface you’d like your outcome to be.

For fluids, select a blender. In case you’re making something thicker, pick a food processor. The most versatile food processors accompany blender container attachments, which is a great way to save space and money.

What’s the point of a food processor?

A food processor is a great kitchen appliance that makes the whole process easier. They’re most appropriate to more laborious tasks like slicing, grating, and chopping, and they can be especially useful for anybody with portability issues.

Because they can easily tackle so many kitchen tasks within a short time, and they’re ideal for a wide variety of capacities. A food processor also will save you huge time in the kitchen.

What size food processor do you need?

The bowl size of the food processors, which will be great buying, must range from 1.5 litres to 4 litres. A food processor with a 2.5-litre capacity is more than enough. More features add up means a greater model. A food processor that does everything will take up significantly more space than one blender that only chops, grates, and purees.

A food processor with more capacity will allow you to do all of the primary processing tasks. If you’re looking to use the food processor regularly to process large quantities, either for entertaining or meal prep, settle on anything above 2.5L.

How many watts should a good food processor be?

The food processors that have wattages range from 300W up to 2000W are good. The higher Wattage does not mean that the particular food processor will be a better one. Always look for overall features and functions.

Best Food Processors in India – Buying Guide

The thing that you should look for before buying a food processor are as follows-

  • Bowl capacity and several jar’s capacities
  • The material and quality of blades. Stainless steel material blades are excellent to use and long-lasting ones.
  • The functions and features change with several models of the food processors. Go for the best model that comes with different functions and advanced features.
  • The food processor’s brand and quality and the price do matter, and you need to check before buying one.
  • Must check the food processor’s warranty and also the motor warranty.
  • If you are searching for the function of a juicer grinder, then buy a Food Processor with such capability.
  • Look for dishwasher-safe parts features. A food processor that will be easy and convenient for cleaning of the accessories in the dishwasher.
  • The body material is also essential to check. Check the durability of the product.
  • The control system needs to be checked—the speed control system.
  • The Lid and Feeding Tube must be checked. Search for a food processor with a wide feeder tube because narrow feeder tubes lead to frustration.

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