The importance of good hygiene is undeniable. Especially after the spread of covid, maintaining cleanliness has become an essential part of our daily routine. Gloves play an important role, not only in healthcare but for household purposes too. 

They protect our skin from becoming dry due to hard chemicals prevents infection and burns. Good quality gloves are suitable for many purposes- washing dishes, gardening needs, cleaning bathroom tiles, etc. 

Have a look at some of the best multi-purpose gloves

1. Deo Dap Latex Washing Gloves

Deo Dap Latex Washing Gloves

These washing gloves are suitable for multiple purposes. Use them for household cleaning or outdoors. Their material lets you work with greater flexibility and protects your hands from hazardous cleaning solutions. If you have to perform extensive cleaning, these gloves will do the job.


● The gloves have rolled cuffs

● They provide protection from puncture

● Resistance to slipping 

● The inside lining protects the hands and lets them breathe properly


  • Makes gripping easy
  • Comfortably fits in your hand
  • The gloves can be used for multi-purposes
  • Completely reusable


  • Lack of durability

2. Woogor’s Washing Gloves

Woogors Washing Gloves

These gloves come in a set 2 with different colors. Woogor hand gloves provide assistance in cleaning any corner of the house. They ensure protection from abrasion. It covers your hand nicely to prevent any sort of infection from cleaning solutions. 


● Made up of PVC material

● The gloves cover both the elbow and forearm

● Cotton inner lining for a comfortable feel

● The cuffs have elastic on them


  • Prevents slipping due to their texture
  • Absolutely reusable
  • Provides strong grip on wet surfaces too
  • Comfortable and close fit


  • Water-proofing is not efficient

3. Fortane Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Fortane Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Fortane’s rubber gloves are multi-functional and are suitable for gardening, washing utensils, cleaning, dusting, etc. It comes with one pair, available in a variety of colors. They are designed in a way that provides protection from water and detergent. These gloves can be reused multiple times, making them a worthy buy.


● Made to protect skin from harmful chemicals

● Rolled Cuffs on the sleeves provide a good fit

● Provides a firm grip on objects

● Lining in the glove provides agility to the hand


  • Protects from severe injuries
  • Competent thick material
  • Allows the hand to breathe properly
  • Dotted pattern on the gloves make them anti-slip


  • It has size issues 

4. Kashi Surgicals Cleaning Gloves

Kashi Surgicals Cleaning Gloves

These silicon-made gloves are a perfect match for all your cleaning needs. The gloves are multi-functional and make cleaning an easy job. Apart from cleaning your kitchen utensils, car, bathrooms, it can also be used for your pet’s grooming needs. The silicon brush makes dense lather and is unbreakable.


● Provide resistance from heat 

● Silicon material protects from infection

● Extremely elastic gloves

● Gloves can be hanged because of the hook hole 


  • Can be cleaned in boiling water for a few minutes due to heat resistance
  • The silicon brush provides ease in cleaning 
  • Reusable gloves


  • Provides less value for money

5. Scotch Brite Rubber Washing Gloves

Scotch Brite Rubber Washing Gloves 1

Scotch Brite is a famous brand for its cleaning products. The brand has always focused on increased customer satisfaction through its quality materials. These rubber gloves are another such product. Eco-friendly in nature, it provides a pleasant smell to the hands after removing rather than an odd smell of rubber. The rubber is tough and does not tear up easily.


● Thick quality material to protect hands 

● Lemon-scented gives a fresh feel

● The long cuffs provide extra coverage

● Useful for heavy cleaning


  • Gives a strong grip
  • Protections from water
  • Sturdy material lasts long
  • Prevents from several allergies


  • Not too comfortable to wear

6. Woogor Waterproof cleaning Gloves

Woogor Waterproof cleaning Gloves

This reusable pair of cleaning gloves ensures proper aid to your hand from infections. The gloves are made from pure latex and are efficient in cleaning all types of places. They can bear soaps and detergents due to their material quality. The inner surface of the gloves is also comfortable, which makes wearing on and taking off easy.


● The texture on the palm ensures a firm grip

● The material of the gloves is anti-bacterial 

● The long length of the sleeves provide great protection

● The inner lining of velveteen prevents sweat


  • Light in weight
  • Great comfort while wearing 
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Waterproof in nature


  • It has a filthy smell

Buying Guide for Cleaning Gloves

1. Material 

The most important thing to look for is the material used to manufacture the gloves. They come in a variety of materials ranging from latex to nylon. Choose the one that perfectly suits your skin and cleaning needs. The primary purpose is to protect your hands from harmful chemicals and infections. The material should also be waterproof. Otherwise, it will become sticky. Strong material will protect your fingers from sharp objects also. 

2. Fitting and Comfort

The next thing which you should majorly focus on is fitting and should be a comfortable while. You work. A good pair of gloves will give a close fit with the freedom to breathe properly. Gloves with elastic or rolled cuffs are a good option to prevent slipping from your hand. 

3. Cost 

There is a huge range of gloves with a variety of materials and features. A basic pack starts from 80- 100 rupees and can go up to 400 rupees, so choose wisely as per your need. Always go for a worthy brand and choose reusable gloves. Choose the ones that are made for heavy usage; they are worth the money. 

4. Anti-slip 

The gloves should be slip-resistant and allow a firm grip on the objects. Some gloves have a unique pattern to provide a stronghold on wet surfaces. If they do not have a strong grip, objects may slip from your hand and break or get damaged.