Cleaning is no more a headache when you can find a great cleaning assistant. Choose from our best handheld vacuum cleaner in India. Add it to your cleaning equipment list and enjoy the spot-free thorough cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is a must to have equipment. It will maintain the cleanliness of your homes, offices, cars, sofas, carpets, or any other place. With time, technological advancement has reduced its size considerably and made them handier than ever. Handheld vacuum cleaners have made lives and house chores easier and quicker. Here is the review of some best handheld vacuum cleaners in India.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. Eureka Forbes Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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If you are a cleanliness freak, you must be looking for the best and well-reputed company in the market. Here you go with the Eureka Forbes, a highly trustworthy and most reliable brand for vacuum cleaners and water filters. Feel free to choose this handheld vacuum cleaner at an affordable price.

Get ready to add on this lightweight, functional, and robust appliance with numerous accessories to help your cleaning mania. You can even use it to clean the car. Cleaning with it is just like a dream come true of sucking all the unwanted dust particles from even the most challenging area to clean off. Moreover, you can clean your gadgets and keyboards with small attachments without fail.


  • The water column of 1600 mm or 800 watts powered suction machine.
  • 0.5 liters is the capacity of a dust bowl.
  • It has seven accessories to ensure effective cleaning.
  • Blow function and suction both are present.


  • One year warranty
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Best handheld vacuum cleaner for home
  • Safe enough due to its overload cut-off for thermal


  • Perfect to use for less than 15 minutes only

2. TUSA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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This handheld Mini vacuum cleaner for cars is brought from TUSA. Unlike all other best handheld vacuum cleaners in India, it aims to provide maximum comfort to its customers. It is essential to keep the interior of the car neat and clean. So, add on your cleaning equipment to ensure the perfect cleanliness of your vehicle. TUSA offers its customers to choose either from wireless or wired handheld vacuum cleaners.

Keep in mind that nothing can beat its suction power. All the credit goes to its solid suctioning capacity and robust motor. It is capable of sucking every type of dirt like fine dust and hair from the cars’ inside and the floors. Ultimately, your house will remain clean. Take care to use it for dry purposes only. Clean every corner of the house and even car seamlessly in a single charge in 3-4 hours.


  • One year warranty
  • Cordless
  • The runtime of 22 minutes
  • It comes up with four accessories


  • Powerful suction
  • Long-lasting battery time
  • Long runtime


  • No air blow

3. Agaro Regal handheld vacuum cleaner

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You can rely on the Agaro Regal handheld vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning either in-house or in cars. It is a perfect choice for cleanliness lovers to get their work and cleaning tasks done without hassle. You will love to work with this lightweight vacuum cleaner all around the place.

It has the perfect design to facilitate your tasks. Even storage of this handheld vacuum cleaner is not a headache. Just fold it up and store it in the corner of your room. Using it in cars and on the walls makes it a fantastic choice for all the buyers looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaners in India. The attachments are cherry on top and help you clear out all the dust and debris from your favorite carpets.


  • Warranty of 1 year
  • The suction power of 6.5kPa
  • The capacity of the dust bag is 0.8liters
  • Motor efficiency is 800 Watts
  • Multiple attachments come with it


  • Affordable
  • Effective power for suctioning
  • Easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • User friendly


  • None

4. Voroly Vacuum cleaner

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Cleaning your car from the inside is intimidating work. It is tough to get to the corners and spots you wish to clean or dust collected on the surface. No matter how strict you become with your kids and pets, they may mess up the cleaning inside your car.

Not only is it hard to clean such areas, but it is time-consuming as well. So, you need to invest in one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for cars. This portable vacuum cleaner for cars is a perfect add-on for adequate cleaning of the car with its numerous attachments. It comes with a quick charger to further help you out.


  • Vigorous suctioning of the motor with 120 watts
  • HEPA filter line is washable
  • It comes with three accessories and a 16.4 power cord


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Large bin to clean everywhere
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Only ideal for car cleaning

5. Black and Decker Handheld vacuum cleaner

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Black and Decker came up with another solid suctioning handheld vacuum cleaner. It has an easy-to-use design with several attachments. The wide mouth at the start will suck up all the large debris around you.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the type of particles you want to suck, whether dry or wet. This suction machine can clear up any spillovers or the tiniest particles of bread crumbs. There is something more to it! The handheld vacuum cleaner has a strong battery backup for the effective cleaning of the car. The battery contains enough juice for the ultimate cleaning up of the grains.


  • Quick-release of the bowl for easy cleaning
  • 10.8-watt lithium-ion battery
  • Washable and removable filters
  • Multiple attachments


  • Sleek and compact
  • Effective cleaning
  • One year warranty
  • Not too much noisy
  • Less space for saving


  • Long charging time

6. GoMechanic Neutron Handheld-6000

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Get ready to experience one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners in India. It has beast-like suction power that can suck any wet or dry debris. The easy and effortless cleaning of your mess is just like a dream come true. You don’t need to roam here and there to clean your cars when you have a powerful beast at an affordable price.

The highly stunning design marks its elegancy among the best handheld vacuum cleaners in India. Furthermore, the presence of a handle also facilitates the cleaning of your car. Nothing can beat its efficiency because it has HEPA filters. You can remove and easily wash them without any difficulty. Enjoy cleaning all the corners of your car with various nozzles and attachments.


  • 3.5 m long cord
  • HEPA filters are washable and removable
  • Five different attachments


  • Elegant design and compact size
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Maximum noise level of 40dB
  • High and strong suction power


  • Not suitable for home cleaning
  • Flimsy hose quality

Buying Guide – things to consider before buying a handheld vacuum cleaner

Undoubtedly, buying the best handheld vacuum cleaners in India from a diverse range is a challenging task. Consider the following factors while purchasing one for you:

  • Wet/ dry debris

Your vacuum cleaner can be best for you if it has the flexibility to suck up wet and dry debris both to clean your desired area.

  • Power

Ensure to check out the vacuum cleaners’ power levels. Less power can be tiring and a big headache for you.

  • Weight

It is an essential factor while you consider your best handheld vacuum cleaner in India. It should not be heavy enough to hinder your cleaning tasks.

  • Charge and run time

Run time, as well as charge time, is a clear indicator of the battery’s quality. You need to consider the charging time and how much time the vacuum cleaner takes to use up the charged battery.

After all, it can affect the duration of your cleaning tasks. Make sure it is highly comfortable while being in your hands.

Summing it up!

So, this was all from our side regarding some of the best suggestions for handheld vacuum cleaners. We hope now you can choose the best amongst all provided options.

HAPPY CLEANING! effortless

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