A ladder is a helpful tool for many home projects, but it can also be a dangerous one. It’s important to find the right type of ladder for your needs and that will safely support you while climbing or standing on it – from wood ladders to telescoping ladders. This blog post reviews the best ladders for home use in India.

Once in a while, we all would want to make certain changes in our homes. Attempting to make these changes with a stool or chair support can be quite a feat and might land you with some grave injuries. At times, the requirements of your DIY projects would not be complete and comfortable with the support of your chair at home. Reaching for the storage space of a loft, or fixing a light in the ceiling, or even painting your room, consider a ladder that suits all these demands.

Below mentioned is a list of ladders that could serve all of your requirements from your home:

Best Ladders for Home Use in India

1. Bathla Advance 5 Step Foldable Aluminum Ladder

Best Ladders for Home Use in India

The most popular ladder for home purposes is the ladder from Bathla. This 5 step ladder can reach up to a height of 173 cm. It is made up of durable material that is rust-resistant and is composed of high-grade aluminum. The sure hinge technology ensures that the ladder is double-locked at joints, giving the ladder a perfect stand and preventing an unsafe experience while you use it. It comes with a five-year warranty, which reiterates the sturdiness and durability of this product.

This ladder is designed to withstand all weather conditions. From hot, dry heat to cold, wet snow, you can be sure that your ladder will perform when you need it most.

The hinges on ladders have been specially designed to ensure maximum safety and stability during use. They also feature precision-engineered edge guards to maximize safety.

The design ensures that the ladder is anti-skid or anti-slip while in use.

Its lightweight makes it easily carriable.

The ladder is foldable, and hence can be stowed away in a corner when not in use.


  • 5 Years warranty.
  • Anti-slip material.
  • Compact in size.


  • Not any.

2. Plantex Premium Steel Folding Ladder

Best Ladders for Home Use in India

This ladder is composed of high-quality, durable steel pipe, which contributes greatly to its secure and stable structure, making this product useful long term.

When closed, the height of this ladder will sum up to 182 cms, and when open would be 170 cms. It comes in a dual-tone of black and blue. It can be used in any household, garage, offices, godowns, or shop. It has five steps, and the distance between each step is about 23 cm.


  • It can support weight up to 150 kgs.
  • It is safe, sturdy, lightweight, portable, and reliable.
  • The legs of the ladder come with a rubber coating making the footing scratch-proof on the floor.


  • It could be said that it is a little heavy to move around quickly.

3. Trendy 4 Step Ladder

Best Ladders for Home Use in India

TRENDY 4 Step Heavy Duty Foldable Ladder is a premium quality step ladder; it’s perfect for home use. Made of ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum frame and coated with black color, we are sure the decorative ladder will meet your needs.

This multipurpose strong step ladder is durable and lightweight, supports a maximum load capacity of up to 150 Kg. TRENDY 4 steps heavy premium step ladder comes fully assembled! Space-saving design safely locks into place, just tilt the ladder forward and release the metal lock, which hides on the bottom.

This ladder with a convenient handgrip makes it easy to climb and carry; it’s an ideal choice in your home and shop. Whether you need the extra height for cleaning, painting, or reaching up high, this foldable step stool is just what you need.

The top rung has a wide platform for safety and stability when standing on it. It also has a hanging hook for storing tools. This lightweight folding stool can be used indoors or outdoors and folds flat when not in use.


  • Perfect handgrip.
  • Good space for standing for a long time.
  • Anti-skid shoes.


  • The height could be a limitation.

4. EQUAL Foldable Multipurpose Ladder

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This model ladder comes with a unique design. The unique design facilitates reaching out to extended heights or lengths. It is a multipurpose ladder that can be used as a telescopic ladder, step ladder, extended ladder, stairway ladder, or twin step ladder. It comes with an independent locking system that allows adjusting the ladder’s height to your needs and requirements.

This product weighs around 12 kg in weight. When fully extended to its maximum height, it could come up to a stunning 12 feet in 12 steps. It can be flooded and stored away when not in use. The maximum capacity of the ladder is 130 kgs.


  • Multipurpose
  • It has a multiposition safety locking mechanism.
  • It comes with slip-resistant rungs.
  • It has stabilizer bars.
  • It also has non-slip rubber-angled feet.


  • It is not insulated, making the product look less refined.

5. Happer Premium Foldable Step Ladder

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The happer premium step ladder comes with three steps to help you reach out to everything without any hassle or risk of falling. It comes with an anti-anti-skid rubber grip that gives you a convenient handgrip and acts as a knee guard.

The safety clutch lock prevents the ladder from moving. The anti-skid legs prevent the ladder from moving while it is in use. Each step’s anti-skid platform is composed of material that could give you a better grip to foot landing.


  • Strong and wide platforms.
  • It has a weatherproof coating.
  • Hinge technology that prevents in falling of latter.


  • Height cannot extend beyond 123 cms.

Buying Guide – Best Ladders for Home Use in India

A lot of factors contribute to your decision to buy the best ladder on the market. Some of which are discussed below.

Pay extended attention to not just the uses but also the safety instructions of the ladder. Usually, the safety instructions involve:

  • Aligning the ladder to the wall.
  • Ensuring the hinges are secured in place.
  • Ensuring the non-slip feet are in good condition.

You should understand and buy the ladder according to your needs. There are various ladders on the market, serving different purposes; hence your decision to choose a ladder should be based on your requirements.

The dimensions of the ladder should be given extreme attention. The length of the ladder could determine its use for you.

Pay attention to the width and the dimensions of the size of each step of the ladder, as it will affect the comfort of your foot as you work on it for longer periods.

The ladder should also fall within the dimension of your storage space.

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