Everyone desires a beautiful garden space with a vibrant green lawn. Controlling the scale of grass growth, on the other hand, will be a big issue. To achieve a lovely lawn, you’ll need the Best Lawn Mower in India. Lawnmowers will undoubtedly assist you in cutting the grass in your garden area in this circumstance.

You can cut the grass consistently and cleanly using lawn mowers by simply moving the mower. Before purchasing a lawnmower, you must be sure of your tastes and requirements.

1. Makita Japan 1400 W Electric Lawn Mower

Best Lawn Mowers In India

Makita is a well-known brand in the power tool business. Drilling machines, lawnmowers, chain saws, and other high-quality goods are among the tools and equipment available.

Makita’s electric lawnmower has a push-type operation with a collapsible frame for more accessible storage. Furthermore, it is capable of mowing 500 m2 of office lawns and medium-sized yards. Aside from that, the lawnmower is lightweight and simple to use, with a UV-resistant plastic body.

It features 35 litres of storage space for collecting grass in the bag, and its cutting breadth rapidly covers the entire lawn. To make your grass seem significant, you must alter the cutting height three times. Furthermore, you may perform it according to your requirements to achieve the ideal lawn cut.


  • It’s best for gardens that aren’t too big or too little.
  • As it comes with three levels, adjusting the cutting height is simple.
  • It is simple to use and store.
  • 18/10 steel and high-grade plasticImprove the lustre, durability, and resistance to corrosion.
  • Specifications:

    • Dimensions – 65 X 49 X 35 cm
    • Weight – 14.2 kg
    • Cutting width – 37 cm
    • Power – 1400 W
    • Noise level – 83 dB (A)
    • Brine tank – 35 l
    • Warranty – 6 months
    • Electric Motor – 1.8 HP


    • Best in Size
    • Simple operation process
    • Easy to use and store
    • High-grade plastic


    • The power cord is not included

    2. Sharpex 1800 W Electric Lawn Mower

    Best Lawn Mowers In India

    Sharpex goods have designed and innovated a wide range of items, including gardening and agriculture. Its look, form, and features, on the other hand, are largely geared toward the urban and home gardening markets.

    It mows the grass swiftly and effectively with a strong 1800 W electric motor (sucks dry leaves, germs, etc.). Another feature of this mower is that it comes with a 100-foot bright wire that can be seen. It also allows you to mow your lawn without the need for an additional power cord.

    It is powered by 220 Volt 2 HP electric motors that look like induction motors with copper winding.


    • Made up of 30 meters of neon orange cable that is noticeable.
    • It comes with an additional blade, a tool kit, and a cleaning brush.
    • It also has a six-level height adjustment for cutting all of the extra grass.
    • This mower’s 16-inch blade will assist you in finishing the job.
    • It also saves you time and effort, thanks to the built-in grass catcher.
    • It’s simple to put together.
    • Ideal for lawns ranging in size from medium to big.


    • Dimensions – 88.89X58.39X61.02 cm
    • Weight – 25 kg
    • Grass collecting box – 55 l
    • Power – 1800 – 2800 RPM
    • 16 inches blade size
    • Material – Steel
    • Color – multicolor


    • Neon cable
    • Six-level height adjustment for cutting.
    • It’s simple to put together.
    • Ideal for medium to big lawns


    • The metal is extremely hefty.

    3. Black + Decker Electric 1400 W Lawnmower

    Best Lawn Mowers In India

    This product comes with a bike handle. Furthermore, it is excellent for usage in small to medium-sized yards.

    EdgeMax technology makes it easier to cut right up to the edges by utilizing the blade’s maximum width. As a result, there’s no need to travel back and forth to clean up as you go.

    A high-performance cutting system is also included. It cuts the lawn with precision and even cuts long, wet grass with ease. Furthermore, the large, robust rear wheels readily withstand bumps and difficult terrain while also improving mobility.


  • The integrated cable storage facility maintains the lengthy and useful cord clean and tangle-free.
  • A simple one-touch adjustment lever can easily adjust cutting heights of 6 levels
  • To combat overgrowth, it uses 1400 W of power.
  • Suitable for medium-sized spaces up to 400 square meters.
  • It also comes with a 10-meter extension cable.
  • The device is lightweight and portable due to its strong plastic construction.
  • Specification:

    • Dimensions -75.2 X 38.2 X 41.4 cm
    • Weight – 13.5 kg
    • Power – 1400 W
    • Grass collecting box – 40 l
    • Cutting width – 34 cm
    • Blade size – 13 inch


    • Cable storage facility
    • One-touch lever adjustment
    • 1400 W of power
    • lightweight and portable


    • Not suitable for big lawns.

    4. Sharpex Classic Push Manual Lawn Mower

    Best Lawn Mowers In India

    Sharpex has released yet another mower. It’s a manual mower with blades that move vertically to cut the grass and employ a scissoring action. Your physical exertion of pushing this mower, on the other hand, will cut the grass to an equal height using spinning blades.

    This mower not only mows the lawn but also keeps the garden nice and clean with its grass catcher bag.

    It is lightweight and easy to run, and it is best suited for small and medium-sized lawns because it requires minimal maintenance. Although you must provide sufficient effort to push it, the blades spin around to cut the grass. The edges are constructed of abrasion-resistant, high-carbon nickel alloy steel that is both strong and durable.

    A daily inspection would likely improve the lawn mower’s performance and therefore extend its life. As a result, please store it somewhere that protects it from changing weather conditions.


    • Weight – 12.8 kg
    • Blade size – 16 inch
    • Material – steel
    • Color – multicolor
    • Warranty – 6 months
    • Cutting height – 15 to 35 mm
    • Height adjustment level – 5 stages


    • Simple to use
    • Maintenance-free
    • It comes with a grass box that may be removed.
    • Lightweight
    • Simple to put together
    • There is no power supply.


    • Not any

    Buying Guides: Best Lawn Mowers In India

    Size of the Lawn:

    You’d have to figure out what sort of mower you’d need and how powerful it should be. It should, however, be determined by the size of your grass. Take note of the height of your lawn and choose a mower that is appropriate for that size.

    Corded or cordless:

    The majority of the mowers you’ll see here are wired, so you’ll need to make sure you have a nearby plug connection to use them. Some companies may additionally need you to provide your own cord. If you seek hard enough, you can locate a cordless mower. But it’ll only be worth it if you have a large lawn.


    With a basic electric mower, you can walk behind it and drive it along. It also just requires gasoline for the engine to go forward. Self-propelled ones need you to walk behind them as well, but pushing them will make you sweat profusely.

    Cutting Width and Height Adjustment:

    The bigger the cutting blade, the faster you can mow the grass, and the fewer rounds you’ll have to do. In addition, keep this feature in mind while looking for a mower to find a proper balance. To cut down on mowing time, invest in a lawnmower with an adjustable height. Because the majority of individuals are tall, they will need to modify the mower’s handle height.

    Edges of the Lawn:

    Many mowers are capable of mowing along the lawn’s borders and along with the obstacles. As a result, cutting the leftover grass using a grass trimmer or shears can help you save time and effort. So, for excellent lawn mowing, choose one with characteristics such as grass combing.

    Warranty and Reliability:

    When purchasing a lawnmower, you must consider dependability and warranty. Many manufacturers provide at least a two-year guarantee on the mower. A lifetime rubber deck guarantee is also available on some models. On the other hand, many providers only offer warranties for material defects or quality in normal use and maintenance.

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