Before anything, protection and securing the baby’s health is the priority of every parent. Mosquitoes are the reason for dengue, malaria, and other life-threatening diseases. Though you can’t control the growth of mosquitoes, you can protect and prevent mosquito bites by taking proper care and precautions. 

Here are the six best mosquito nets we brought you for your baby. This net, some with bedding, ensures the peaceful and secure sleep of your baby. Convenient to use and fold with everything best in its design and quality.

1. Amardeep Toddler Mosquito protection Mattress/Net 

Amardeep Toddler Mosquito protection Mattress Net

This elegant mosquito protection mattress from the Amardeep brand is Ideal for a three-month baby. This cotton-made mosquito net gives a breathable clear view along with no obstruction to fresh airflow. 

It is so convenient to use and operate—no hassles with opening and folding. You can fold it and carry it anywhere without bothering about its weight. 

Key Features 

● Cotton material 

● 500 gram in weight 

● Supported by solid wireframe of plastic 

● Attractive teddy prints on net


  • Ideal for a three-month-old baby
  • Enable comfortable sleep on the mattress
  • The highly ventilated mesh allows the flow of fresh air
  • Block mosquitoes and insects
  • Supported by a solid plastic frame which is lightweight


  • Bit expensive 

2. LifeKrafts Foldable bottomless Baby Mosquito Net

LifeKrafts Foldable bottomless Baby Mosquito Net

Polyester-made bottomless baby mosquito net from lifekrafts brand is highly durable and easy to use. This net increases fresh air-breathing, while it has a micro honeycomb mesh that gives 360°protection. Completely block the incoming of tiny mosquitoes to big insects. 

This mosquito net has a premium honeycomb pattern and has a secure base supported with steel wire. So easy to set up and comfortable in usage. 

Key Features 

● Material: polyester 

● No zips, No hooks & no spokes

● Micro honeycomb pattern mesh 

● Strong steel wires

● Protection from 360° angle


  • Block tiny mosquitos to big insects 
  • Easy to open & close
  • Highly durable with the highest safety
  • Protection of toddlers from malaria and dengue
  • Anti-oxidation & abrasion resistance 


  • Need improvement in stitching

3. KiddosCare Mosquito Net Floral design for baby 

KiddosCare Mosquito Net Floral design for baby

When it comes to protecting a toddler from mosquitoes, parents never compromise. They disturb sleep and spread diseases. At the same time, it’s always necessary to prevent the baby from these incidents. 

This mosquito net from KiddosCare is made of soft net material available in different colours. It is big enough to cover your baby completely, even the movements in the sleep. 

Key Features 

● Material: soft fabric net 

● Printed with floral design 

● Supported with Strong plastic frame wire 

● 630 grams in weight 


  • Large enough to cover sufficiently
  • Block the insects & mosquitoes
  • Allow fresh air incoming 
  • Made of soft fabric with attractive print
  • It can be used on bed and floor
  • Soft net so comfortable to baby skin


  • Difficulty in opening

4. Vebeto Baby gym with mosquito net & baby bedding 

Vebeto Baby gym with mosquito net baby bedding

Another product on the list which is suitable & comfortable for a newborn to 12 months baby. The fantastic thing about this mosquito net is that it comes with colourful toys for your baby to give a play gym atmosphere.

Saving your baby from mosquitoes to keep the baby active with its play gym atmosphere, everything is built with high-quality. Hanging colourful toys stimulates the baby to play actively. This net is easy to use, fold and store and wash. 

Key Features 

● High fabric quality built 

● It comes with a mosquito net and bedding 

● Play gym structured 

● 749 grams in weight 

● Zippers to block the entry of bugs 


  • Spacious for baby and comfort baby with colourful toys
  • Protect the baby from mosquitoes and insects
  • Easy to use and fold
  • Comfortable bedding for the baby sleep
  • Secure your baby from dengue and mosquitoes diseases from blocking


  • Expensive 
  • Available only in one colour 

5. Babloo Bedding Foldable Mosquito Net 

Babloo Bedding Foldable Mosquito Net

Mosquito net from Babloo is lightweight made with cotton material. You can easily use and tight fold it and take it anywhere along with you. Both stakes hold the travel crib securely and occupy limited space in the luggage for any picnic.

This mosquito net is exceptionally soft and durable. It is ideal for newborn to 6-month-old babies and ensures a well and sufficient air flow. The high-quality cotton fabric gives the baby a smooth and comfortable surface to sleep on. You can always carefully hand wash it only. 

Key Features 

● High-quality cotton material 

● Suitable in all season 

● Strong wireframe of plastic 

● 350 grams in weight 

● Ideal for 0-6 months baby


  • Cotton material gives a soft and smooth surface to let the baby sleep comfortably.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly 
  • Well ventilated to the proper flow of air
  • A thick cushioned mattress provides extra softness & smoothness for the baby to rest peacefully.
  • Protect the baby from a mosquito bite 


  • Available only in one colour 

6. Cutieco Soft & Comfortable Bedding Mosquito Net 

Cutieco Soft Comfortable Bedding Mosquito Net

Cutieco mosquito net the only Velvet material mosquito net on our list of six best mosquito nets for a baby. This is ideal for a 0 to 3 months old baby. It looks elegant and gives a smooth feel to your baby’s skin. It not only protects your baby from mosquito bites but ensures peaceful sleep. 

Its bedding and mosquito net is designed and made of smooth and delicate material that keeps your baby warm and secure. It enables fresh air to flow effectively and gives all-night protection from mosquitoes and insects. 

Key Features 

● Material: Velvet 

● Ideal for age 0 – 4 months 

● Consist cozy printed pillow 

● High-quality fabric 

● Easy and convenient in use 


  • Made of high-quality fabric and velvet perfect to use in any season 
  • Easy to use and fold 
  • This mosquito net is odour & chemical free which protects the baby from mosquitoes and keeps their skin warm & safe.
  • Lightweight & easily foldable 
  • Travel-friendly. You can carry it without any hassles during picnics & trips.


  • Ideal for 0 – 3 months old baby only

Buying Guide for Best mosquito nets in India 

While buying a mosquito net, you should be looking for its material, quality, size, mesh hole size, etc., because mosquito nets get torn once they’re tough to repair. 


Mosquito nets come in different ranges. Some may cover half of the king-size bed while others occupy limited space. Depending upon your baby’s movements in sleep & comfort, you should buy it. 


Mosquito nets are made of different materials. Some with cotton, polyester while others with velvet. You should have an idea about the material that keeps your baby warm and safe without developing any allergies. 

Size of hole 

The net hole should be small, effectively providing ventilation but not permitting even a tiny bug. The hole size should be in a range to block all size bugs. 

Opening and closing system

The best mosquito net shouldn’t produce any hassles while opening and closing it. They should be convenient and accessible while opening and closing.