A plastic chair is one of the important things to keep in your house, office, events, etc. Whether you will sit in the garden or roof, you should always bring a plastic chair with you. Plastic chairs provide you with ultimate comfort while sitting.

To keep you selecting a plastic chair, we’ve done a lot of research and created a list of the six best plastic chairs for home. Also, we’ve created buying guide section that will help you understand the important factors while buying chairs. Trust me; this article is perfect for you to know everything about chairs.

Best Plastic Chairs for Home

1. AVRO Plastic Chair

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AVRO Chair comes with a modern classic design based on modern industry. The classy design makes your new home more beautiful and enhances your impression. While designing these chairs, AVRO has kept in mind to provide customers satisfaction. So, they manufactured a stackable and practical chair.

AVRO chair is a multi-purpose chair; you can use the chair for indoor and outdoor events. Undoubtedly, AVRO Chair is one of the best plastic chairs for the home.

Key Features

  • Waterproof chair
  • Termite proof chair
  • Stackable & Practical
  • Dustproof


  • Maintenance Free
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-purpose
  • Tough & Steady


  • Some reports for bad service

2. Cello Jordan Plastic

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Cello Jordan is the best plastic chair for home because it is made for customer comfort. The chair is made with a curved seat edge which gives extra comfort to your body. Moreover, the chair will enrich the beauty of your house. And, no assembly is required; it is a unibody, one-piece construction that doesn’t require any assembling.

Key Features

  • Perfect looking
  • Made with curved seat edge
  • No assembly required


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • No assembly required
  • Weatherproof


  • Cost is a little high compared to other

3. Supreme Cambridge Premium Plastic Chair

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Let’s talk about some dimensions of this plastic chair. The Supreme Cambridge Plastic chair comes with Length (56cm), Width (56cm), Height (81.5cm), suitable for every house. The chair is pre-assembled; you don’t need to assemble or change something about the chair.

India is known for its weather; that’s why the chair is made as durable and comfortable for Indian weather. You’ll get six months of warranty with the chair.

Key Features

  • No assemble required
  • Comfortable for Indian weather
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Made of high-quality plastic


  • Suitable for Indian weather
  • High-quality plastic
  • No, assemble required
  • Strong material


  • No cons observed yet

4. Supreme Web Plastic Chair

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Supreme Web plastic chair is one of the best plastic chairs for home. In the market, the supreme chair is trending and leading the market. It is very useful for events or functions. If you are preparing for any wedding, you should add this chair to your wishlist. Also, it provides a pleasing experience that lightens up the mood and atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Suitable for wedding or office
  • Pre-assembled
  • Made by plastic
  • 6 Months warranty


  • Gives pleasing experience
  • Lightweight
  • Useful for anywhere
  • Ensures longevity & Durability


  • No negative points observed yet

5. Nilkamal Plastic Chair

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Nilkamal is known for its reliable price and quality product. Nilkamal is one of the highest producers of molded plastic. Moreover, Nilkamal Chair is designed to be relaxing and sturdy furniture for providing comfortable solutions. It’s about as good as you could reasonably expect at this price point.

Key Features

  • One of the best moulded plastic producer
  • Designed to be relaxing and sturdy furniture
  • Measure in Length (57 cm), Width (60.7 cm), Height (90 cm)
  • No assembly required


  • Stylish in look
  • No effort required to assemble
  • Value for money


  • Quality of chair needs improvement

6. Nilkamal Eeezy Go Plastic Chair

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Another Nilkamal Plastic chair is one of the best plastic chairs for home. The chair is suitable for office, home, events, weddings, etc. It comes with a premium look that enhances the beauty of your house. If you are decided to buy a plastic chair for home, you should check this one out and see if it’s the chair you were looking for.

Key Features

  • Premium strong legs
  • It comes with an easily stackable design
  • Measures in Width : 60; Depth : 57; Height : 74
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Very Comfortable
  • Sturdy look
  • Easy to clean


  • Light in weight

Buying Guide – Best Plastic Chairs for Home


From our point of view, it is the most important factor to be checked while buying a chair. Imagine you have purchased a chair of your choice, but it gets damaged after a few days; it can be the worst thing. Am I right? So, if you don’t want to face this problem, you should consider the material and qualities of the material. After research, we have found that plastic chairs are the best choice.


It’s a given that your picked chair ought to furnish you with the ideal comfort level. The comfort level is controlled by the plastic material used to make the chair and its general plan. The chairs are ergonomically designed according to the experimentally planned methods for giving an ideal comfort level.

Weight Bearing Capacity

A plastic chair’s weight-bearing limit decides how much weight it can serenely withstand when an individual is sitting on it, or any object is put on it.

The various kinds of chairs shift in their weight-bearing limit. You should preferably pick a chair that can undoubtedly withstand the heap going from 100 kg to 200 kg.


Guarantee that your chair has the adequate sturdiness to withstand the afflictions of everyday use. The plastic chairs are typically intended to display improved toughness and strength to endure every climate condition.


We want to recommend, be realistic and practical as much as you can. Don’t trust the marketing gimmicks; people are telling you. You don’t need to spend too much money on chairs. Check our list and buy the best plastic chair for home.

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