Best roti makers in India

If you’re looking for the best roti makers in India, then this guide is for you. The Roti maker is a wonderful innovation to reduce the time and energy spent by women in the kitchen to make round and soft Rotis. You can sit anywhere comfortably make beautiful round and soft rotis in minutes.

Here is the article for the onlookers of the best roti maker in India. The Rotis you get on your plate is light, hygienic, fluffy, quick, and just like the ones you see on TV commercials, reminding you of your homemade rotis / chapattis on every bite.

1. Otc 900 Watts Roti Maker-Assorted


The Otc 900 Watts Roti Maker is an easy-to-use premium product that serves the best rotis/chapattis/khakras for you. This Otc 900 Watts Roti Maker has an automatic cut-off feature and is highly effective in its functioning.


  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat-resistant handles
  • Fitted with high-quality ISI marked lead and 6 amp. plug
  • Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light
  • Light weight roti maker
  • Highly efficient both in terms of time and energy usage
  • The roti maker has been made of the superior quality tubular element
  • Tawa has been made of the best food-grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminium


  • Easy to use
  • Very much compact design
  • Portable one
  • At one go it makes many
  • The sturdy outer body has been made of stainless steel.


  • Poor quality roti maker

2.DEEP Heavy Quality Iron (Heavy) Puri Maker


DEEP Heavy Quality Iron (Heavy) Puri Maker Puri Press Kitchen Press Not a roti, chapatti Maker is too good to save energy and time and also works efficiently. Essentially, it is boon hostels, Canteens Hotels, Home, kitchen.


  • Ideally designed to save hours and labour in the kitchen
  • Featured a very special hard strong metal is used in this device
  • A special type of unbreakable sheets in the midst of the chapatti is a mode
  • This deep poori press is made of cast iron material


  • Reduce kitchen stress and stain
  • Easy usage without any inconvenience while operation
  • Easy to control the temperature in it
  • Easy to use


  • Not that light weight roti maker

3. Xodi Silver Tough Electric Roti Maker


The Product from XODI brand has been crafted with the most engineering precision to make sure that nothing short of the BEST rotis /  khakras/ chapattis reaches your plate every time. You can now make Rotis / chapattis that are light, fluffy, quick in one go.


  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat resistant handles
  • Tawa has been made of the best food-grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminium
  • This is well designed, so rotis / chapattis are light, fluffy, quick.
  • as been crafted with utmost engineering precision
  • The roti maker has been made of the superior quality tubular element
  • Fitted with high-quality ISI marked lead and 6 amp. plug
  • The tradition of high quality and un-conditional after-sales services.


  • Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light
  • Easy to regulates the temperature
  • Easy to make Chapati, Roti, and Khakra Maker in this one
  • At one go it makes many


  • The handle does not work properly
  • Low quality product.

4. PALS Enterprise Stainless Steel Machine


Do not expect 100% flattening as in the case of belan made puris, but you will get 90% to 95% of that for sure. Rest depends on your daily practice. But still, this is a good product to buy.


  • Suitable for beginners use
  • This helps in making Roti, Papad, Khakhra, and Chapati evenly in shape & thin
  • Grip of the handle is provided with non-slippery plastic that is textured for optimum grip
  • This puri machine is of large size and having a working diameter of nearly 7 inches
  • Has an anti-skid/slip sole that does not let the presser machine move when you press the machine for making roti


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Easy to clean and care, just wipe with a damp or dry cloth
  • Heavy presser machine approx 1kg with easy operation
  • The affordable price of the machine


  • Suitable for making small Rotis, not big Rotis.
  • Do not provide 100% flattening roti

5. Gi-Shop Non-Stick Electric Roti Maker (Silver)


Gi-Shop Non-Stick Teflon Coating”900w” Electric Roti Maker is also good for you all, who are searching for the best roti maker in India. This is featured with 20cm Thermostatic control for maintaining the temperature and a 3 Pin molded power cord.


  • It has featured thermostatically control
  • This is made of stainless steel body material
  • Has  extra heavy handle grip
  • Well designed and good for multi-purpose uses.
  • Ensures non-stick surface


  • Roll & cooks roti in less than a minute
  • Non-Stick Cooking reduces Calorie intake.
  • This saves time, cooking Oil, fuel & money
  • This is a great product for working Woman and Housewife


  • Expensive product

Types of Roti Maker

Electric Roti Maker:

An electric roti maker has an electric presser and two warmed hot plates that have been warmed electrically. These press onto each other to cook the roti or tortilla.

Electric roti makers are the most well-known sort of appliances utilized in kitchens. A portion of these roti makers can likewise be utilized to cook other flatbread things like khakras, dosas, and parathas.

Automatic Roti Maker:

An automatic roti creator needs minimal support from you to cook rotis. You should simply put every one of the fixings inside it (where determined) and approach your tasks. You will return to the completed item. It can make various rotis and various types of bread.

Manual Roti Maker:

This manual roti maker type defines the traditional way of roti making with the help of a wooden or marble stylish chakla belan chapati roti maker. This is also very easy to use. But this takes much more time to make one roti in one go.

Roti Maker Buying Guide

  • Efficiency- It creates Rotis with a better-textured surface and taste compared to creating it without the utilization of any apparatuses at all.
  • One touch go- the roti makers have one best feature that is the one-go feature. In one click only one roti maker can make many rotis.
  • Time saver- Anyone who wants to buy a roti maker must buy one. Because roti maker works faster and saves a lot of your precious time.
  • Hygienic and healthy- The roti maker serves hygienic and healthier roti easily.
  • Serves many in one go- the roti maker is a good kitchen appliance. A roti maker can make the maximum number of roti in one go only.
  • Evergy saver and size- a roti maker saves 100% energy and too efficient. Roti maker ensures 90% proper clean size and shape of each roti.

Roti Maker Buying Tips

Before you buy one roti maker, please check every feature in it.

Here are some tips to follow to buy the best roti makers in India.

  • The roti output size by a roti maker can be a basic preference. Always look for 8 inches roti output size or bigger than 8 inches will be great.
  •  Always remember to check the tawa or griddle size of what you will be buying.
  • It will great if you beforehand check the safety features in the roti maker, that you will buy. As the roti maker works on heat or you may say temperature. Then you need safety features like- Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light. The indicator lights are also a safety feature a roti maker should have.
  • Remember to check, the brand of the roti maker you will be buying, the quality of the roti maker, and also the price. A bit high priced ones are the ones which have better quality
  • Check that the user manual is there with the product or not. And also look for proper instruction that must have to be there in a user manual or Demo CD wisely.
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