In this blog, I am reviewing best Spray Mops in India you can buy online.

Cleaning filthy floors is, admittedly, a time-consuming task. You’ll need a decent floor cleaner and excellent cleaning equipment that will make your task easier. A spray mop is a great option that you’ll appreciate. It’s one of the most straightforward methods to keep your floors clean and sanitary at all times.

The best thing is that these spray mops are suitable for any floor type and can be used by anyone. They are simple to operate and do not need bending or the use of a bucket. To acquire the water mist, push the trigger on the handle and move the mop around for cleaning. You may also customize the mop spray bottle by adding different types of liquid.

Best Spray Mops in India

1. LUHI Aluminium Spray Mop

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The Luhi spray mop includes a 360-degree rotating mop frame that allows you to effortlessly reach all of the hard-to-reach regions, corners, and edges. This may be used to clean the windows, walls, sweep the floor, and mop it. It is safe to use on any hard surface, including laminated floors, tiles, marbles, etc.


  • The microfiber mop head may be washed in the machine and reused.
  • It features an ergonomic design that saves you time and effort when cleaning your floors.
  • Because it is lightweight, you will not become weary when cleaning larger rooms.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • 2 in 1


  • Not Any

2. YORK Flat Spray Mop

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The York flat mop spray comes with a high-quality microfiber refill head for efficient cleaning of any type of floor surface. The cleaner is sprayed from the connected liquid dispenser for effective stain removal.

The liquid dispenser on the flat mop is controlled by a trigger that moves with the mop. For cleaning, the microfiber refill may be withdrawn from the mop head and reused. The swivel head guarantees that every nook and cranny is cleaned.


  • Using the moveable handle, dispense the appropriate amount of cleaning liquid.
  • The unique shape of the Handle allows you to reach all corners of the room.
  • When not in use, it includes a hook for simple storage.
  • For a better cleaning experience, the mop features a trigger that helps regulate the liquid dispenser spray during the cleaning process.


  • Can clean even without detergents.
  • Practical and convenient to use.
  • Easy to use.


  • The wash spray handle might have been a little more substantial.

3. AASTIK Aluminium Spray Mop

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The Aastik spray mop includes a 360-degree rotating mop frame that makes it easier to reach those hard-to-reach spots.

The cleaning solution is mixed in a refillable liquid container.

It’s safe to use on hardwood, vinyl, marble, tiles, laminated, and other types of floors.


  • Controlling the amount of water used for cleaning is made easier with the spray trigger.
  • Its reusable microfibre cloth may be washed in the washing machine.
  • Cleaning is a breeze because of the ergonomic design.
  • You don’t have to bend since the mop handle is adjustable.


  • Reusable microfiber cloth.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Easy to use.


  • NA.

4. Antson Aluminium Microfiber Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

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Anston spray mop has an inbuilt spray mechanism that allows you to just push the lever on the handle to spray water on the floor, eliminating the need for a water bucket.

It may be used on any type of floor, including vinyl, tiles, marbles, laminated flooring, hardwood floors, and so on.


  • Because the microfibre cleaning pad is washable, it may be used again.
  • Cleaning is easier with a longer handle since it prevents bending.
  • Because of the 360-degree mop spin, the entire floor is covered.
  • As a result of its little weight, there is no risk of shoulder discomfort.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Clean Easily.


  • The standard of quality is not up to mark.



5. Mavig Spirit ChemTech Mop Multi Functional Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop

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The ABS plastic and stainless steel body of the Mavic spray mop ensures long-term durability.

For simplicity of use, the spray mechanism is equipped with a push lever on the handle. It may be used on windows, laminated floors, tiles, marbles, hardwood floors, and any other type of flooring.

A single filling of the spray container with water may cover 200 square meters.


  • The cleaning cloth is composed of gentle microfibre that won’t scratch your floors.
  • Because the microfibre is washable, it may be reused.
  • You won’t have to bend because the length is long enough.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to operate.


  • NA.

Buying Guides:

Before choosing a spray mop, there are a few things to keep in mind. Although it may be easy to assume that all spray mops work in the same way, several factors can impact how they perform.

The Sort of Flooring

Spray mops may be used to clean almost any surface, including wood, tile, and rock. If you have a laminate floor, though, you must use caution. Because laminate cannot take a lot of moisture, it’s best to double-check that your spray mop distributes a thin layer of liquid so that your floors don’t become too saturated and warp accidentally. To avoid this, make sure your spray mop is labelled as laminate floor compatible.

Take Hold of It

Some spray mop handles are ergonomically intended to help with user comfort. Plastic handles are standard on low-cost spray mops, but metal grips are possible on higher-end models.


One of the benefits of using a spray mop, especially for those with back problems, is that you don’t have to bend over to reach a bucket of water as you would with a traditional wet mop.

Manual vs. Electric

Both manual and electric spray mops are available. They provide similar results, but the one you choose is a personal preference.

Electric Spray Motor

Electric spray mops project the cleaning liquid onto the floor automatically. They can be powered by wires or powered by batteries. A cordless electric spray mop must be recharged in between uses.

Spray Mop (Manual)

Manual spray mops include a button-like mechanical mechanism that allows you to monitor the spray distribution. They are usually less expensive than electric ones. Manual spray mops, which do not spread cleaning solutions automatically, maybe a safer choice for people who want to use fewer cleaning solutions on their floors.

Material of the Pad

For spray mops, the removable pads might be disposable or reusable.

Pads That May Be Reused

Reusable pads are more ecologically friendly and less expensive. They’re generally constructed of microfiber cloth, an excellent cleaning tool used with or without water or other cleaning solutions. Reusable pads are not compatible with all spray mops.

Pads That Can Be Thrown Away

Disposable pads are more convenient since you can quickly dispose of them once you’ve finished wiping.

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