Water pumps are the need of today’s life. Because the majority of the people who live in either city or in villages rely on groundwater. Therefore water pumps are in high demand to use this groundwater for different domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes. 

1. Kirloskar Chotu 0.5 HP Multicolor Domestic Water Motor Pump (Amazon’s Choice)

Kirloskar Chotu 05 HP Multicolor Domestic Water Motor Pump 1

This pump is made by Kirloskar, which is known to be the best wide range pump producing country in India. This particular KIRLOSKAR CHOTU 0.5 HP is light in weight and budget-friendly. It can be used for different domestic purposes because of its many features.

Key Features:

  • It requires 180 to 240 volts for its operation. It can also withstand voltage fluctuation because a built-in capacitor is available.
  • This can lift or pump water up to 2 meters without any foot valve.
  • It comes with an impeller made of Brass.
  • This product has a flow rate of 17 litres per hour and a maximum flow rate of 4500 litres per hour.
  • It is highly durable because the motor has copper winding. Also, the casing is made of cast iron which is strong enough to withstand different temperatures and pressures.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Less noisy


2. Crompton 1.0 HP Multicolor Water Pump

Crompton 1 HP Multicolor Water Pump

This product is made by the CROMPTON brand, which is best known for its premium quality and budget-friendly products. Because of its specifications and features, It is high in demand and is known as the best water pump for domestic purposes.

 It has a motor of 1 horsepower, which means it has a high flow rate. It can easily pump the water and store the water in no time. Its motor is less noisy and of premium quality.

Key Features:

● One of its main features is this product can sustain overheating because it comes with a thermal overload protector, which prevents the motor from burning.

● The casting of this water pump is made of Aluminum which makes it rust-free and highly durable.  

● It comes with a Brass impeller which is a premium feature. It is highly known for its smooth functionality.

● It is best for both domestic and industrial use because it comes with a high head range, discharge range, and around 3000 RPM. It can easily pump the water up to the 4th floor.


  • Easy to install
  • Value for money and 1-year warranty
  • High suction power
  • Highly durable


  • Just 10 days replacement policy

3. Havells Hi-Flow 0.5HP Centrifugal Water Pump

Havells Hi Flow 05 HP Centrifugal Water Pump

Short Description of Product:

This product is made by the HVELLS brand, which is one of the leading pumps producing companies in India. HAVELLS 0.5HP is an efficient centrifugal water pump. It comes with a vertical as well as a horizontal suctioning option for both taking waters to tanks at height and under-ground storage purposes.

Key Features:

● It can be used for a variety of purposes like lifting water t upper tanks, gardening, and other domestic and industrial purposes

● It consumes less energy because it comes with a 0.5 Hp pump.

● The casting of this pump is of premium quality. It reduces the rusting hence increasing the pump life.

● Motor speed is 2900 revolutions per minute which means it pumps a large amount of water in less time.


  • 1-year product warranty
  • Less noisy
  • It can easily withstand overheating and voltage changes


  • It can be a bit costly for some people

4. LAKSHMI 0.5 HP Self Priming Water Pump

LAKSHMI 0.5 HP Self Priming Water Pump

This LAKSHMI 0.5 HP is made of the best quality product because it comes with an iron cover and aluminium body. It saves the pump from rusting, thus increasing its life.

When the motor overloads, it stops automatically and prevents the motor from overheating Hence minimizing the chances of the burning of the motor.

Key Features:

● This water pump is highly energy-efficient and consumes very low electricity. It can easily be run on a single phase 180 to 240 volt.

● It has the capacity to pump water up to 15 feet.

● It comes with 2880 rpm. This high revolution per minute feature of its motor makes it the best choice at such an affordable price.

● It can be used for different places like hotels, lawns, gardening and is highly suitable for domestic usage.


  • Value for money
  • Highly durable and affordable
  • Less noisy


  • Run pump daily to avoid jamming of its motor.

4. HAVELLS Hi-Flow MP1-1.0HP 1PH Centrifugal Pump

HAVELLS Hi Flow MP1 1HP 1PH Centrifugal Pump

This product is made by the HAVELLS brand. The HAVELLS is well known for providing quality products at affordable prices.

The motor windings of this product are made of copper, which increases its durability. It also comes with a high-performance pump along with an energy-efficient motor.

Key Features:

● The high flow rate of this centrifugal pump is extremely high. It can easily pump 1000 litres of water within 25 to 30 minutes.

● This motor pump is electricity efficient because it consumes low power. Its operating voltage is 180 to 240 volts.

● There is no chance of motor burning because it comes with durable insulation. Hence it works smoothly even under high temperatures.

● Higher suction power and discharge rate.

● The pump seal is made of high quality, which prevents water from entering the motor.


  • Easy to
  • install
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Less noise


  • Warranty replacement is not possible

Buying Guide:

We have selected the best water pumps for you in our Article. Our selection is based on their extraordinary features and the reviews of the customers. Before buying any water pump, there are some factors that need to be kept in mind:

First of all, check the FLOW RATE. The flow rate means how much water is pumped by the motor in a certain period of time. If you are buying a pump for any agriculture use, then look out for the high flow rate pump. On the other hand, if you are buying for home usage, then its flow rate should be around 100-200 litres per minute.

● The second most important factor is never compromised on the built QUALITY of the motor. Always choose a trustable brand for a durable product.

● When the water pump is being used, how much amount of electricity is consumed by the pump. It is measured in Kilowatt (kW) and Horsepower (Hp).

● According to your needs also for its DISCHARGE HEAD and INLET SIZE.  

● Last but not least buy a water pump which comes in WARRANTY. It is extremely important to avoid any future difficulties.