In every kitchen, a wet grinder plays an important role. Specifically in India, people are so fascinated about cuisine culture. Idli, dosa and any other tiffin is an everyday food appetite for the people across. So here, wet grinders come into role play. Blending spices, making smoothies, batter etc., are effectively grind in wet grinders.

Often used wet grinders in any household are tabletops that work quickly and conveniently. We brought the best six wet grinders from famous brands to make your buying easy. The quality, material, power consumption are some of the main things to be checked while buying a wet grinder.

1. Havells Alai 2 Litre 150 Watt Wet Grinder

Havells Alai 2 Litre 150 Watt Wet Grinder

Havells manufactures the most convenient, easy to use, and solid wet grinders. This grinder adds charm to the interior of your kitchen with its stylish appearance as well.

While grinding the rotator runs smoothly without any glitch, the transparent lid gives a clear view of the interior. This wet grinder has a 2-litre drum capacity and can grind the ingredients in bulk. It consumes 150 watts of power and makes 1440 revolutions approximately per minute. Thereby Helping you in fast mode to make delicious Indian cuisine.

Key Features

  • 2-litre capacity Stainless Steel Drum
  • 1400 Revolutions per minute
  • Break-resistant polycarbonate transparent lid
  • 150 Watt power motor
  • 2 Grinding stones with cutting grooves


  • A break-resistant and transparent lid give a complete view of the inside.
  • 2-litre capacity can grind and hold a good quantity
  • Motor Runs smoothly and protect from thermal overloadĀ 
  • Product warranty: 2 years
  • Motor warranty: 5 years


  • Need to increase little width

2. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG Wet Grinder

Prestige Wet Grinder PWG Wet Grinder

Prestige is the top kitchen appliance brand; with its creative innovation, it manufactures a wide variety of kitchen items. This wet grinder eases your task of grinding batter for dosas and idlis. Also its help in mixing soft chapati dough.

No stressful noisy sound and ensure fast grinding in bulk. The drum is built with stainless steel material. Coconut scraper and atta kneader attachments are present for convenient usage.

Key Features

  • Unique space-saving design
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • 200 Watt Motor with Thermal overload protector
  • 2 Grinding stones with cutting grooves
  • 2 litre Capacity of grinder


  • Product warranty: 1year, Motor warranty: 5 years
  • Its unique design occupies very little space in the kitchen
  • Stainless Steel drum doesn’t react with food, and it is easy to use & clean
  • Overload protector helps in auto-cutoff when power is overload
  • User-friendly titling


  • Need to improve in quality

3. Panasonic 2L MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

Panasonic 2L MK SW200BLK Wet Grinder

Panasonic is a reputed brand that manufactures a variety of electronic and non-electronic home products. This wet grinder is made of high quality, stainless steel 304-grade drum, designed uniquely for easy grinding.

You just need to relax while wet grinding, as it comes with an automatic timer and spatula spot. Spatula spot helps you to check the batter without opening the lid.

Key Features

  • Transparent lid with spatula spot
  • Stainless Steel drum
  • High quality superior grinding stones with grooves
  • 240 watts power consumption


  • 2-year warranty on the product, five years warranty on heater
  • Grinding stones ensure fast and effective grinding
  • The transparent lid provides a clear inside view to check up grinding up
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Not silent than expected

 4. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ Wet Grinder 2 L

Elgi Ultra Perfect Wet Grinder 2 L

Elgi wet grinder is the best one on the top list with ten years warranty. It is made of ABS body that enables lightweight, longer life and adds an aesthetic look.

The grinder material is solid and durable. It has Stainless Steel drums that are rust-resistant and bring no harmful effect when the batter is stored for extended periods. Along with the Electronic timer in it, you need not worry about the grinding. Since when the batter gets grind effectively, it gets automatically switched off.

Key Features

  • ABS Body
  • AISI Stainless Steel 304
  • 150 Watt motor
  • Electric timer with Buzzer alert
  • 2 Litre Capacity
  • Patented grinding stones


  • 10 years warranty
  • Uniquely designed with Lightweight & longer life
  • Batter Cleaner attachment helps in cleaning batter from stones
  • Multipurpose dish-shaped drum. It can be used for storage too.
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Atta kneader and coconut scrapers need to buy separately.

5. Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L Wet Grinder

Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L Wet Grinder

Butterfly Rhino Plus wet grinder works efficiently and provides uniformly grinding pressure. It has a strong high torque motor with a single-phase. The body is made of high-quality ABS, which is shockproof and heat resistant.

This wet grinder makes grinding a quick task. Since it takes 20 min for a single grinding. The body drum is detachable; thereby, it is way too easy to clean and use. Atta kneader and coconut scraper attachment come along with the product. No need to buy them separately, thus saving money.

Key Features

  • ABS Body & detachable Stainless Steel drum
  • 150 W power motor with overload protector
  • Single-phase high torque motor
  • Transparent & unbreakable polycarbonate lid
  • Attachments: Dough kneader & Coconut Scraper


  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • Dough kneader & Coconut Scraper attachments save time
  • No heating issues
  • Made of rigid plastic which doesn’t break easily
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • No overloading & overheating issues


  • Grinding noise is higher than a random grinder.

6. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2 Litre

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2 Litre

Butterfly smart table top wet grinder is designed with a shockproof ABS body with a detachable Stainless steel drum. This grinder has a powerful motor that produces grinding pressure uniformly. It has a 4-way grinding system. It consists strong high torque single phase motor.

Butterfly smart Wet Grinder has a ventilator in it which regulates temperature. It operates efficiently with 230V. You shouldn’t worry about overheating and overloading issues.

Key Features

  • Detachable Stainless Steel drum
  • Shockproof ABS Body
  • Single-phase high torque strong motor
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Attachments: coconut scraper only


  • ABS material is shockproof & heat resistant. It holds & supports the cylinder during the revolution.
  • Long-lasting & efficient cylinder stones enable smooth batter
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • 2 litre capacity of the cylinder makes bulk smooth & soft batter
  • Coconut scraper saves the time


  • A bit noisy while grinding

Buying guides for the best-wet grinders in India

While choosing a wet grinder for daily usage and needs, you should consider following some guidelines. Since buying a wet grinder is a one-time investment, your home needs & quality preference is the priority.


Wet grinders are available in different capacity ranges. You should know your daily requirements, the routine batter you prepare every day. For home needs, it’s better to go for a 2-litre capacity since it will work quickly.

Overload protector

For safe grinding, you should buy a wet grinder that provides an overload protector. With an overload protector, there would be no issues of grinding items more than the capacity of the grinder.


Wet Grinder with accessories like coconut scraper, dough kneader and batter sampler should be given preference. These accessories save time and ease the task of kneading dough and grating coconut.

Body & material

Stainless steel drum material should be preferred while buying a wet grinder. Ensure the outer material is of high quality. It should be functionally shockproof and heat resistant.


Wet Grinder with a warranty is trustworthy. You should always seek long term warranty time. You can approach or claim to exchange when there are manufacturer defects in the motor or the product.