Coming to dessert and baking, we never compromise on its taste or texture. For decorating and toppings cakes and cupcakes, you put great effort into trying not to spoil its taste and smooth texture. But a ready-made cream needs to be used within a few days due to its short shelf life.

Without any hassles, a whipping cream powder completes all your requirements whenever you crave desserts or bake cakes. Here we brought the six best whipping cream powders to review, which can significantly replace readymade creams.

1. Bakerswhip Whipping Cream powder 450g

Bakerswhip Whipping Cream powder 450g

Bakerswhip is a famous brand that prepares dessert mix & icing products. This brand is known for preparing vegetarian products.

Bakerswhip Whipping cream powder adds perfection to any topping, cake making, smoothies to make the sweets & dessert delicious. It is light and fluffy with excellent stability and weighs about 450g.

Key Features

  • Vanilla flavor powder
  • Egg & gelatin free
  • 450 gram Weight
  • Shelf Life – 20 months


  • Its smoothness & creamy texture can replace fresh whipped cream
  • Suitable for all usage, including frozen sweets & desserts
  • Ideal for decorating pastries & cupcakes
  • Easy to use & make
  • Time-saving preparation


  • Bit expensive

2. BOGATCHI premium whipping cream powder

BOGATCHI premium whipping cream powder with free sprinkler

BOGATCHI whipping powder is premium & rich that perfectly blend to make fast and tasty cream. You can decorate the pastries, smoothies, cakes, and chocolate drinks. Its creamy texture makes the look & taste so attractive and tasty.

BOGATCHI Whipping cream powder is so easy to use. Just add cold water and whip for 5 minutes. For better stability, cool it for a few minutes. It is a money-saving product with additional offers of buying one get one free whipping cream powder of 50g with one rainbow sprinkler.

Key Features

  • 100% Non GMO and Gluten free
  • Vanilla flavor powder
  • 200 gram Weight
  • Include free One extra whipping cream powder (50g) & Rainbows sprinkler(25g)


  • Light & fluffy cream
  • Simple to use and make
  • Add delicious taste for desserts & sweets
  • It can be used for decorating cakes, toppings for cupcakes by making them tasty & attractive.


  • Need improvement in Quantity

3. BOGATCHI whipping cream powder 180g with a free measuring spoon

BOGATCHI whipping cream powder 180g with a free measuring spoon

BOGATCHI whipping powder is a perfect option for quick application for cakes, pastries, smoothies. For decorating cakes, muffins, and cupcakes, its fluffy & creamy texture enriches the taste.

The cream made from this powder is of high quality, tasty, and easy to use in desserts. It replaces the readymade cream for its taste & softness.

Key Features

  • Gluten-free, 100%No GMO
  • Weight 180 grams
  • Shelf life. 24 months
  • Free measuring spoon
  • Vanilla flavor


  • Light & tasty with a fluffy texture
  • Simple to use, get ready in 5 minutes
  • Well Suitable for novice bakers
  • Ideal for decorating cakes and muffins
  • You can use the cream for smoothies, chocolate drinks, coffee, and many more.


  • Bit expensive

4. Puramio Whipping cream powder 250g (Pack of 5)

Puramio Whipping cream powder 250g Pack of 5

While preparing /decorating cakes, muffins cupcakes using many flavors of cream make the dessert attractive and tasty. If you’re tired of using only one sort of flavor but want to try another at the same time, then you should buy puramio whipping cream powder (pack of five with five different flavors)

Take the whipping cream powder and add water or milk and then whip for a few minutes. Cool it for 10 minutes and use it for a more extended period, without any stress of cream getting breakdown and souring.

Key Features

  • Pack of 5 each weight 250 gram
  • Vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, and butterscotch flavors
  • 18-month expiry date from manufacturing date
  • Light & fluffy cream


  • Easy to make and use
  • Ideal for cake & pastries decoration
  • Can be used for topping for sweets & desserts
  • The cream also replace ice cream for thickening milkshakes & coffee
  • Can keep the cream for a long time without getting watering and sour.


  • No measuring cup

5. Puramate Whipped Cream Powder (chocolate flavor) 100g

Puramate Whipped Cream Powder chocolate flavor 100g

Puramate Whipped cream powder is so easy to use and makes the cream. This one is a chocolate flavor weighing 100 grams. Puramate powder cream is ideal for desserts, smoothies, decorating the cake, and cupcakes.

You can easily make chocolate cream by adding water or milk, whipping at a good speed, and then freezing for a few minutes. Since it’s a vegetable-based cream, you won’t find any cracking, souring, or cream becoming yellow after some time.

Key Features

  • Chocolate flavor powder
  • Weight: 100 gram
  • 100% pure vegetable-based
  • Shelf life of 18 months from Manufacturing date
  • Light & fluffy


  • So easy to use and make
  • Ideal for cake decoration, toppings for sweets & desserts
  • No issues of breakdown, souring, and watering, and yellowing
  • Add taste richness & great texture


  • Prepared cream should be used within three days

6. Butterfly Instant whipping cream powder

Butterfly Instant whipping cream powder 50 g

This whip cream powder gets your cream ready in minutes. It weighs 50 grams and is a vegetarian product.

Butterfly Instant whip cream is almonds and peanut-free. It has a shelf life of 1 year. You can use it for topping cupcakes, muffins, and decorating cakes.

Key Features

  • Vanilla flavor
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • No Almonds & peanut in the ingredient
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Creamy and smooth texture


  • Easy to make & use
  • Bring smooth texture and taste to your cake and pastry.
  • Ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and coffee drinks
  • Affordable price


  • Need improvement in taste quality

Buying guide for Best Whipping Cream Powder in India

Expiry Date

While buying a whipping cream powder expiry date is important to consider. Sometimes customers end up buying dairy products that have crossed their expiry date.

Shelf life

A whipping cream powder with a longer shelf life after the manufacturing date should be given priority so that you can use the cream powder for an extended time.

Checking ingredients

Consider checking ingredients present in whipping cream powder. If you’re allergic to milk, peanuts, and almonds, you should check for powder-free from them.

Quality and pricing

Checking the quality of whipping cream is the most important thing. A quality powder enriches the taste and texture of desserts, while poor quality whipping powder destroys the taste and smoothness.