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The Indian households have an entirely different way of cooking as the food is prepared with different spices and oil, making the new Chimney look old. To keep your Chimney look new and tidy, it should be cleaned once a month at least to improve its usage. Cleaning your Kitchen Chimney is not an easy task as it requires scratching and rubbing the grease formed inside the Chimney to be removed.

To avoid this type of challenging task, there are new types of Kitchen Chimney available in the market, which were introduced to reduce the task. This will help the kitchen look clean.

There are different varieties of Chimney available in the market at reasonable prices. If you want, you can check our Website to see some designs of Chimney Sets. Although there are different types of Chimneys available, the mesh and filtered Chimney is the most seen Chimney in India. The reason for the popularity of these chimneys is because they can be cleaned whenever required. So, this helps the Kitchen Chimney to be clean and safe from rust and dust.

Steps to Clean your Kitchen Chimney

There are different natural ways to clean your Kitchen chimney and make it look good. A few of the natural ways to clean your kitchen chimney are given below.

Natural ways to clean your Kitchen Sink

You have first to clean your Chimney Mesh. Mesh can be cleaned using chemicals, detergents, or harsh soap, which helps clean the Chimney quickly. Firstly, when you clean the Chimney, make sure that you are removing the filters. This Mesh filter is made up of aluminium sheets. There are different methods to clean your Chimney. We will be looking at how to clean the filters using Baking Soda. In this step, you have to put the filters in a bucket full of water or tub where the filters can be thoroughly dipped in the water. Take vinegar, salt, and Baking soda now. Now add hot boiling water in the tub in which the mesh filters have been put. After that, 2 tablespoons of Baking soda and 3-4 tablespoons of salt and also finally add 2 cups of Vinegar. Now give some time of 1-2 hours for soaking it. Now, if you want, you can add the ingredients and filter and boil it out.

Using Dishwashing Liquid

This is one of the easiest steps to clean your kitchen chimney. In this, you have to first take hot boiling water, which needs to be poured in a bucket or tub in whichever; the mesh filters can fully go inside. Before dipping the filters in the tub, some good quality dishwashing liquid must be applied to the filters. It is important to check that the filter is completely removed in the tub. Now leave the filters for 1-2 hours. The final step is to remove the filter from the water and rub the grease with some soft scrubber used in Kitchen.

Cleaning the Chimney with the help of Caustic Soda

Like the previous steps, you have to first take a bucket or tub where the filters can be fully immersed. Apply some caustic soda I the filters and immerse it in the tub or bucket, and pour some hot boiling water. Now let the filters be immersed in it and give some time. After 2-3 hours, remove the filters with the help of hand gloves. Caustic soda is a very harmful gas. So, proper precautions must be taken while handling it. Wash and clean the filters; the grease will be removed.

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Cleaning the Chimney is not a hard task as it may sound. You can use the above steps to clean it naturally and remove grease. These steps will help to clean the Kitchen chimney, and this will help the kitchen to be dirt-free.

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