how to clean mixer grinder

These easy-to-implement mixer grinder cleaning tips will save your time and energy if you want to keep clean your mixer grinder. Mixer Grinder is an essential kitchen appliance and can be found in literally everyone’s house. It has made our lives simple to such an extent where cooking without it seems like a nightmare.

From milkshakes to onion paste for curries, it helps us have the best quality food. But unfortunately, the curry smell or the cream stains of the milkshake might leave their mark behind.

The mixer grinder, which lets us have delicious food that, too with ease, definitely does deserve some cleaning. The dust in the air also often settles down on the mixer grinder. If not kept clean, there is a chance that fungus might make the mixer grinder it’s home, which obviously would prove to be fatal for us.

Hence, it is crucial to keep your mixer grinder clean.

Here are few quick tips you can use to do so:

Mixer Grinder Cleaning Tips – 8 Tips to Follow

Use Liquid detergents

Take one or two drops of liquid detergent and combine it with some water in the mixer pot. Swirl this solution for around 2 seconds in the mixer, then rinse the jar thoroughly with clean water. This technique, too, aids in the proper cleaning of a mixer and can be used on a daily basis.

Vinegar might help in getting rid of stains

Vinegar should be used to remove stains that have developed on the mixer as a result of prolonged use. Make a solution of 2 tbsp: vinegar and a little water. Fill the mixer jar halfway with this solution and grind for around 2 seconds. Verify that all stains have been cleaned. If not, grind with a little less water in the bottle next time.

Use toothpaste

Make a paste of the white toothpaste by adding some water to it and apply it to the mixer and leave it for 15 mins to let it dry. This will help in cleaning tough stains and will get rid of the smell existing in there. Once dried, wash the paste with regular soap and water, and voila! Your mixer is clean as new.

Use baking powder

Baking powder is another excellent way to disinfect a mixer. Develop a paste with the baking powder and water. Apply the paste to the mixer and set aside for about 15 minutes. Flush the container with hot, clear water now—this aids in thoroughly cleaning it as well as removing any lingering odours.

Lemon peels to the rescue!

Lemon peels are one of the most effective ways to clean a mixer. To make this, first, squeeze out all of the juice from a lemon, then use the peel. Rub the peel all over the cap and the inside of the utensil. This will not only help you get rid of the noxious odour, but it will also help you clean off the tiny debris. Allow 15 minutes for the utensil to air dry before thoroughly cleaning it with clean water.

Boiled water with lemon can also prove to be of help

To make the dirty smell go away and make the stains extremely easy to clean, one can also use boiled water with lemon. To try this, you have to boil some water with half-cut lemons in it. Then, store this boiling water in the mixer container with its lid close till it cools down. Once it is back to the average temperature, take out this water and rinse the container with soap and water.

Use alcohol for cleaning

It would be best to clean your mixer with alcohol to make it glossy and get rid of the pungent scent. Soak the mixer for approximately 10 minutes in a combination of alcohol and water. Using clean water, thoroughly rinse the container.

Deep cleaning with cotton swabs

Some stains are located in the deepest corners of the container, where the hands cannot usually reach. For this very purpose, cotton swabs can be handy. Just apply any of the liquid mentioned above, like liquid detergent, vinegar, etc., to the tip of the cotton swab and wipe off the stain with its help. Then rinse the container thoroughly.

Hopefully, this will help you in keeping your container clean as new with extreme ease.

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